Kay Properties Headlines Panel on Delaware Statutory Trusts and Why So Many Investors are Interested in Them

Kay Properties & Investments team of Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 Exchange experts Chay Lapin, President, Betty Friant CCIM Senior Vice President, and Jason Salmon, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Real Estate Analytics assembled to discuss why more and more real estate investors are selling their investment properties and turning to DST 1031 Exchange investments. The presentation was part of “Wealth Management Real Estate’s Guide to Investing in CRE: Second Quarter Review” targeting high … Read More

10 Reasons We Like FedEx as a Tenant for DST 1031 Exchange Investments in 2022

FedEx Ground Truck On Road

By Dwight Kay, Founder & CEO of Kay Properties & Investments Kay Properties & Investments is a fully integrated real estate investment firm that is expert at sourcing deals, closing acquisitions, and performing necessary due diligence/analysis on Delaware Statutory Trust properties for 1031 exchanges and direct-cash investments. While no one has a crystal ball and can predict the performance of any real estate asset, we are encouraged by one corporation that leases thousands of locations … Read More

DST CASE STUDY: How Kay Properties Helps Investor Complete 15 DSTs in 30 Days

Key Takeaways: Kay Properties registered representatives spent more than one year educating the client on DST investments. Kay Properties worked closely with client’s CPA and real estate attorneys to create a custom investment strategy that fit perfectly with the client’s specific goals. Kay Properties created a workflow plan that achieved the closing of 15 DST investments in 30 days without a hitch. Background: A high-net worth accredited investor spent more than 40 years building a … Read More

How Delaware Statutory Trust Investments Can Play an Important Part of Wealth Preservation

By Jason Salmon, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Real Estate Analytics, Kay Properties & Investments Key Takeaways: Delaware Statutory Trust Investments Help Investors Defer Capital Gains Taxes Real Estate Investments Are Popular for Building Generational Family Wealth Delaware Statutory Trusts Offer the Potential for Step-Up in Basis Tax Benefits Delaware Statutory Trusts Offer Investors the Ability to Enjoy More Free Time Many people believe that the best thing about a Delaware Statutory Trust … Read More

The Importance of the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) for Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 Exchange Investors

Key Takeaways: PPMs are part of all Delaware Statutory Trust Investments PPMs provide investors a full picture of the overall investment, including the potential risks PPMs include important information for investors including the DST trust agreement, summary of third-party reports, lease agreements, and most recent property appraisal. All Kay Properties Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 Exchange real estate investments must be accompanied by a unique Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) as part of its due diligence and … Read More

Kay Properties & Investments Team of 1031 Exchange Experts Lead Bisnow Webinar on “Why Investors Choose DST Properties”

Presentation covers the top three reasons investment owners are selling their rental properties and looking for alternative investment strategies like Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 Exchanges Recently, Kay Properties & Investments 1031 Exchange experts Chay Lapin, President, and Orrin Barrow and Matt McFarland, Vice Presidents, recently participated in a Bisnow webinar where they discussed some of the most common reasons investment property owners are selling their investment real estate, and why Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 Exchanges … Read More

Picking the Right Delaware Statutory Trust Company

By: The Kay Properties Team Investors often must juggle multiple investment options, like where to invest and with whom. When it comes to evaluating a Delaware Statutory Trust or DST investment, real estate investors should look for a firm that specializes in DST investments to help ensure their 1031 Exchange is executed, with no detail being dropped. One of the most important reasons investors need to carefully research any Delaware Statutory Trust company is because … Read More

Can I 1031 Exchange Out of a DST?

Key Takeaways: Investors can 1031 exchange out of their DST Investments What does it mean to have a DST 1031 exchange go Full-Cycle? Investors must conform to all of the 1031 rules when a DST goes Full-Cycle What is the Kay Properties DST Secondary Market? Many investors that have participated in or are considering a DST 1031 exchange with Kay Properties will oftentimes ask us, Is it possible to 1031 exchange out of a Delaware … Read More

Why Real Estate Syndication Is Important for Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 Exchange Real Estate Investors

Key Takeaways: How does Delaware Statutory Trust Syndication benefit investors? Why Real Estate Syndication via a DST can potentially reduce risk for investors*? What is the Portfolio Optimization and Diversification Theory? How real estate syndication and DST investments can help investors access larger real estate assets? Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 exchanges have never been more popular, and one of the reasons behind this growth and investor appeal is the power and flexibility of real estate … Read More