Investing Across Market Cycles and Delaware Statutory Trust Investments 

By Jason Salmon, Senior Vice President, Kay Properties & Investments Key Takeaways:  What are the Four Stages of a Real Estate Cycle? What are some Current Macro Real Estate Trends Impacting Investment Real Estate? Why Should Delaware Statutory Trust Investors Be Aware of Current Real Estate Trends? One of the common topics that frequently pops up in investment conversations these days involves questions about what stage of the “real estate cycle” is the market currently … Read More

As seen in Forbes: The Ins and Out of Qualified Opportunity Zones

Betty Friant Featured in Forbes

Whether you’re selling appreciated stock, real estate or even a business, December 31st is the Deadline for Investing in a Qualified Opportunity Zone By Betty Friant, CCIM, Senior Vice President, Kay Properties & Investments It’s a great feeling when you sell some stock, a piece of real estate or the business you’ve poured your life into for a nice profit that puts a small fortune into your bank account. But then comes the tax bill … Read More

As Seen on How to Build a Post-Pandemic Real Estate Investment Portfolio

Post Pandemic Real Estate

It’s a good time to assess real estate investment opportunities. By Dwight Kay, CEO & Founder, Kay Properties & Investments, LLC  As we emerge, fortunately, from the pandemic, including the recent Delta variant surge, it’s a good time to assess real estate investment opportunities if you’re looking to reinvest proceeds in a 1031 exchange transaction or seeking to invest cash as part of a diversified* financial portfolio strategy. Here’s how you could build a post-pandemic … Read More

Select a DST 1031 Expert and Avoid the Four Stages of 1031 Exchange Grief

Avoid 1031 Exchange Grief

Matthew McFarland, Vice President, Kay Properties & Investments  Key Takeaways:  What are the four stages of 1031 grief?  Why a DST 1031 expert can help investors avoid major stress with the sale of real estate. What are the most important things to look for when choosing a DST 1031 Advisory Firm?  Participating in a 1031 exchange can be challenging for many investors, which is why finding an experienced and knowledgeable professional is critical for anyone … Read More

Five Reasons Why Kay Properties Likes Houston – The Fourth Largest City in America and with Room to Grow

Houston City Skyline

While Houston may have many nicknames that reflect the city’s culture (H-Town), climate (Bayou City), and chronology (Space City), Houston could also be called a “boom city” as it is also home to one of the fastest growing tech centers in the nation and to one of the most appealing markets for real estate investors.  Why? Well, Houston has everything: the people, the diversity, the business climate, and a world-recognized center for energy, medicine, space, … Read More

Kay Properties President, Chay Lapin featured on Millionacres Podcast to explain Delaware Statutory Trust Investments

Taxes can loom large in our lives but one of the great things about investing in real estate in the first place is that there are structures that can help. One of them is DSTs, Delaware Statutory Trusts. If you’ve never heard of these or you or are curious to learn more this is the podcast for you. Deidre Woollard interviewed Chay Lapin of Kay Properties covering what investors need to know about DSTs and … Read More

As Seen on Once the Pandemic Recedes, Where Will the Real Estate Investment Opportunities Be?

COVID-19 and Real Estate

Some sectors of real estate are emerging from the pandemic in much better shape than others. Investors thinking about real estate need to know where to look. By: Dwight Kay, Founder & CEO of Kay Properties & Investments The COVID-19 pandemic has been kinder to some real estate asset classes than others. Proactive investors can take advantage of opportunities with the potential to build wealth and generate income from investment real estate, particularly tax-advantaged investments. … Read More

Why Real Estate Income Funds Have Distinct Benefits for Investors

Real Estate Income Funds are Becoming Particularly Appealing to Retail Investors Who Want to Access Institutional Caliber Real Estate By Steve Haskell, Vice President, Kay Properties and Investments, LLC The recent fluctuations in the United States stock market have many investors looking for more conservative and less volatile investments. On top of that, traditional investment instruments like stocks and bonds are similarly not looking very attractive because of their lackluster yield performances. Therefore, more and … Read More

Thoughts on Senior Care

At Kay Properties we are very focused on reducing risk wherever possible. We all know that all real estate investments contain the risk of a loss of investment capital and that cash flow and appreciation are not guaranteed. One of the ways that we can help to reduce risk for our clients is by rejecting the higher risk asset classes in the DST marketplace; asset classes like student housing, oil and gas, hotels and senior … Read More

Six reasons to sell the income property you love…And how to avoid taxes when you do

By Jason Salmon, Senior Vice President and the Kay Properties & Investments Team Many investors recoil at the thought of selling a piece of investment property. And they usually have a good reason, whether it’s missing out on future appreciation, having to pay a massive tax bill, or some other factor. Yet it can often make good sense to sell your property, thanks to a real estate investment alternative that simplifies your life and lets … Read More