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Dwight Kay attending a meeting

Dwight Kay

CEO and Founder

Dwight Kay is the Founder and CEO of Kay Properties and Investments, LLC.Kay Properties is a national 1031 exchange investment firm. The platform provides access to the marketplace of 1031 exchange properties, custom 1031 exchange properties only available to Kay clients, independent advice on sponsor companies, full due diligence and vetting on each 1031 exchange offering (typically 20-40 offerings) and a 1031 secondary market. Kay Properties team members collectively have over 115 years of real estate experience, are licensed in all 50 states, and have participated in over $21 Billion of 1031 investments.

Chay Lapin Headshot

Chay Lapin

Jason Salmon Headshot

Jason Salmon

Senior Vice President and Managing
Director of Real Estate Analytics
Betty Friant Headshot

Betty Friant, CCIM

Senior Vice President
Alisha Kosareff Headshot

Alisha Kosareff

General Counsel

Lorens Aronson Headshot

Lorens Aronson

Chief Financial Officer

Lisa Clark Headshot

Lisa Clark

Senior Vice President

Steve Haskell Headshot

Steve Haskell

Vice President
Alex Madden Headshot

Alex Madden

Vice President
Orrin Barrow Headshot

Orrin Barrow

Vice President
Matt McFarland Headshot

Matt McFarland

Vice President

Tabitha Wisman Headshot

Ben Sedaghat


Thomas Wall Headshot

Thomas Wall


Sam Timchai Headshot

Sam Timchai


Thomas Olsen Headshot

Tommy Olsen

Operations Manager

Kelly Nelson Headshot

Kelly Nelson

Executive Assistant

Anna Black Headshot

Anna Black

Executive Assistant

Patricia Aballe Headshot

Patricia Aballe

Marketing Coordinator

Sana Khalid Headshot

Sana Khalid

Transactions Manager

Nick Snyder Headshot

Nick Snyder

Transaction Coordinator

Andrew Wall Headshot

Andrew Wall

Transaction Coordinator

Tabitha Wisman Headshot

Tabitha Wisman

Transaction Coordinator

Kyle Luu Headshot

Kyle Luu

Due Diligence Manager

Rene Giron Headshot

Rene Giron

Due Diligence Analyst

Karen Brown Headshot

Karen Brown

Investor Relations

Kate Roan Headshot

Kate Roan


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