Matthew McFarland, Senior Vice President

Matt works out of Kay Properties’ headquarters in Los Angeles, helping clients with their 1031 exchanges and direct investments.

Prior to joining Kay Properties, Matt worked at a national commercial real estate tenant representation firm where he was involved in representing tenants in their leasing of commercial office, industrial and flex space.

Since joining Kay Properties, Matt has participated in more than 2,000 transactions and over $15 Billion worth of real estate. Matt works hand in hand with all the Kay Properties’ Senior Vice Presidents, educating clients on what particular investments make sense for their situation.

A graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, Matt holds a Bachelor of Science in Physiological Science from the UCLA Department of Integrative Biology and Physiology.

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I just had my first experience with investing in DSTs. Betty and Matt were very professional and gave great service. They steered me to good educational material and investment opportunities that fit my conservative 1031 reinvestment objectives. I am very pleased with the help they provided and look forward to working with them again.

Randy E, St. Louis County, MO

My name is Bob and I just want to say that I am super happy with the opportunity Kay Properties has provided me with the chance to invest in their projects. They are so professional, experienced, and patient, which gives me much confidence to invest with them. Hereby I want to thank Matthew and Chay for their professional skill. I will recommend my friends to join their seminars, as I have confidence about Kay Properties’ projects.

Bob U., Glendora, CA

Matthew McFarland was a pleasure to work with, and I would be grateful to work with him again in the future. Matt takes the time to thoroughly explain all of the intricacies of the DST investment options available, has a breadth of knowledge and cares that his customers are in a position to make a well informed decision. I plan to refer others to Matt who are interested in exploring DST options for their 1031 exchange.

Matt B., Seattle, WA

Well after close to 18 months of investigating DST's for investment, attending several hosted sessions by Kay Properties and interviewing several companies offering DST's I selected Kay. I worked with Matthew McFarland a true professional who compiled a mix of DST's that met my needs.

At Kay they also have the reach to recommend top quality tax professionals and escrow companies that made up the team. I can't speak my highly of Kay and the team put together that made up my investment. With out a doubt I will be using Kay Properties and Matt for my next investment needs.

Michael P., San Diego, CA

Doing my first 1031 exchange was a daunting task. I needed professional guidance throughout the whole process. I consider myself lucky to have found Kay Properties offering a variety of DST options. I worked with Matthew McFarland who provided exceptional service. He was a consummate professional answering all my questions great and small. Matt would calmly explain all details and proceed to ensure all procedures were timely completed. When I had questions or concerns, Matt would promptly return my calls or emails, even during weekends. He provided professional expertise, and with no less importance, Matt treated me with dignity and tireless patience as if I were an old friend of his. I am a well satisfied investor. Thank you Kay Properties and bless you, Matt McFarland

James Z., Fremont, CA

With my 1031 exchange from an apartment building in Long Beach, CA into 4 DST properties Matthew took the lead. With guidance by Chay, when needed... Matthew was always very responsive and resourceful. And easily accessible!

There were lots of changes with regard to what I wanted to exchange into and, due to long delays in escrow, which lasted almost 6 months, what was available when the sale closed was not at all what I had chosen early in the process. Nevertheless in the end it all worked out quite well because of all the options Matthew provided and walked me through. I am happy with the result and confident regarding the performance of my DST investments going forward.

What is important for me and what became very important with my transactions is that the people at Kay Properties, especially Matthew, were always there and helping me to get where I wanted to go. I took on all the debt that I had to replace with just one DST and the rest, which was the bulk of the proceeds, was invested in three debt-free DST’s.... I think every 1031 exchange investor should listen to what they say at Kay Properties with regard to debt-free DST’s. I love being debt free on 3 DST’s and glad that on the fourth one the loan is non-recourse.

I think, at least for me, the outcome of doing my 1031 exchange into four DST’s with Kay Properties and Matthew as my main contact person and guide, is far superior to having exchanged into one NNN property, which I would have done had I not found Kay Properties,

M.J., Long Beach, CA

A big “Thank You” for the professionalism and efficiency of the whole KPI team for handling my 1031 exchange.

Especially thank you to Matt McFarland, who patiently explained the process of a 1031 exchange as well as answered every phone call and email in a timely matter, explanations that allowed me to make informed decisions.—not only was the process handled professionally, but I almost felt as if I were “family” and as such he had wanted the very best for me.

Else E., Shell Beach, CA

I would like to commend Matthew McFarland for his help during this entire process. He was always very informed, extremely attentive and polite. It was a big investment decision for me and he alway assured me all along the way with factual and honest responses to my questions and concerns. Chay Lapin was also helpful. Great team work!

Bill U., Louisville, KY

I am very grateful to Chay Lapin for referring me to Matt McFarland. Matt took the time to fully understand my 1031 investment goals and point me to properties that fit my criteria perfectly. As important, Matt's follow through and reliable communication are tops! I can recommend Chay Lapin's west coast KPI office and Matt McFarland without reservation!

Tim U., Phoenix, AZ

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