Kay Properties and Investments Successfully Completes a $13.68M Exchange on Behalf of Midwest Family

By Matt McFarland, Vice President, and Thomas Wall, Associate, Kay Properties & Investments

Kay Properties announces the completion of a 1031 DST exchange for a family that has owned and operated various businesses and real estate for many years.  The group was excited to move away from active, hands-on management into a more passive, diversified* investment vehicle while taking advantage of the tax deferral offered through the 1031 exchange.  They utilized the Kay Properties 1031 DST marketplace at www.kpi1031.com to invest in 10 different DST investments.  

The Delaware Statutory Trust exchange investments were completed by Kay Properties and Investments team members Jason Salmon, Senior Vice President, and Matt McFarland, Vice President. 

Jason Salmon, Senior Vice President, stated, “These investors approached Kay Properties with a limited understanding of the DST structure, and it was our privilege to educate them on the various aspects that make the DSTs so unique.  At the time, the clients were considering a number of different options in addition to DSTs, however, they eventually decided that DSTs best suited to accomplish what they were looking for in their 1031 exchange.  It was our pleasure to work with them through the selection process in which we interviewed many different DST sponsor companies and dug into the various components of each DST investment opportunity.”

Salmon continued, “Through dozens of hours of research, interviews, and conversations, the clients were able to successfully identify and close on their DST investments to efficiently complete their 1031 exchange.”

Matt McFarland, Vice President at Kay Properties, stated, “These investors were able to trade out of a few properties and into 10 different DST investments.  Cumulatively, these 10 DST investments amounted to $13.68M worth of DST real estate value, spanned over 15 states, and totaled interest in 35 different properties.  We were grateful to help another family take advantage of the 1031 exchange and diversify into high-quality real estate investments.  Although diversification does not protect against any loss or guarantee profit, it is a tenant that many DST investors utilize as they defensively prepare for the future.”

*Diversification does not guarantee profits or protect against losses.