Can I 1031 Exchange into a REIT?

Many investors that are in a 1031 exchange that are tired of actively managing their investment properties and are looking to diversify* their 1031 exchange eligible equity as opposed to buying a single property again often ask themselves, “Can I 1031 exchange into a REIT?” The answer is yes—not directly—but indirectly, as part of a multi-part process. An investor is not able to do a direct 1031 exchange into a REIT since REIT shares are … Read More

1031 Exchanging Into a REIT: The 721 UPREIT as an Option for Investors

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By: Orrin Barrow, Vice President at Kay Properties and Investments, LLC Here at Kay Properties, we have many clients who inquire about different 1031 exchange options. Some of our investors have inquired about the 721 UPREIT (Umbrella Partnership Real Estate Investment Trust) mechanism in both DSTs and Private and Publicly Registered Non-Traded REITS. The question that many investors ask is – Can I 1031 Exchange into a REIT? The 721 UPREIT can be a potential … Read More