How To Create a Diversified DST Portfolio

By Jason Salmon, Senior Vice President and the Kay Properties & Investments Team  Diversification is one of the basic building blocks to any investment portfolio strategy. It’s the simple concept of not wanting to put all of your eggs in one basket. Diversification across asset types helps to avoid concentration risk – and potentially a basket full of broken eggs. Diversification … Read More

Four Choices in 1031 Exchange Investment Opportunities

By Betty Friant CCIM, Senior Vice President, Manager – Washington DC Office, Kay Properties and Investments It’s both an exciting time and a very trying time when an investor sells a property and wants to defer taxes in a 1031 Exchange.  A 1031 Exchange is when an investor sells a property that was held for business or investment use and … Read More

The Fundamentals of 1031 Exchanges

By Dwight Kay and the Kay Properties Team Welcome to 1031 101! If you’ve come to our metaphorical class here, you likely have a few questions. Chief among them: what is a 1031 exchange? What Qualifies for a 1031 exchange?  Why should I do a 1031 exchange?  What should I 1031 exchange into?  Is there an option if I have … Read More

1031 DST & Me: The Investment Tool You Need to Know About Today

When it comes to tools available for real estate investment, the options can be overwhelming. Every choice seems to come with stringent deadlines or severe limitations and, in some cases, both. Kay Properties & Investments wants to let investors know about an opportunity that seems to be flying under the radar. “A lot of people still don’t know about the … Read More