How To Create a Diversified DST Portfolio

By Jason Salmon, Senior Vice President and the Kay Properties & Investments Team  Diversification* is one of the basic building blocks to any investment portfolio strategy. It’s the simple concept of not wanting to put all of your eggs in one basket. Diversification across asset types helps to avoid concentration risk – and potentially a basket full of broken eggs. Diversification also has the potential to create other positives, such as achieving a potentially higher overall … Read More

Four Choices in 1031 Exchange Investment Options

By Betty Friant CCIM, Senior Vice President, Manager – Washington DC Office, Kay Properties and Investments It’s both an exciting time and a very trying time when an investor sells a property and wants to defer taxes in a 1031 Exchange.  A 1031 Exchange is when an investor sells a property that was held for business or investment use and then exchanges into another property of equal or greater value in an effort to defer … Read More

Zero Cash Flow Properties for DST Offerings: Why They May be Important for your 1031 Exchange Transaction

Paper and calculators for zero cash flow dst offerings

By Orrin Barrow, Vice President, Kay Properties and Investments, LLC Wondering how zero cash flow properties can work for you? If you are a highly leveraged investor with a 1031 exchange transaction, a zero cash flow investment may be your next best strategy. This strategy is favored by investors with a 1031 exchange transaction in which they have a loan between 65-90% of the value of the building they have recently sold. As you survey … Read More

What Properties Can be Used In a 1031 Exchange?

By: The Kay Properties Team If you are interested in selling your real estate, the phrase “1031 Exchange” has certainly come up once or twice in your research, as an outright sale can trigger large tax consequences. The capital gains and depreciation recapture taxes can be a serious dent in the return you expected to earn from the sale of your real estate. A 1031 exchange is a process by which an investor can defer … Read More

Five Things To Remember When Deciding To Do A 1031 Exchange

A building to symbolize things to remember during a 1031 exchange

The Delaware Statutory Trust was created to allow property owners or investors to sell a residential or commercial property and defer the capital gains tax that is present from the sale after the transaction is completed. The Delaware Statutory trust 1031 exchange provides investors with the opportunity to obtain a property that is already professionally managed while working with Kay Properties. This makes it possible to earn income off of the property without asset or … Read More

Kay Properties Process in Spanish

EL PROCESO DE KAY PROPERTIES Planificación y dirección en cambio de DST 1031 Consulta de presentación La llamada de presentación iniciará un diálogo para que nosotros comprendamos su situación: sus preferencias, necesidades y requerimientos para su próximo cambio de 1031. Desarrollo de recomendaciones preliminares Empezaremos a transformar sus palabras en un plan estratégico 1031 teniendo en cuenta las metas y objetivos del cliente obtenidos en la consulta inicial. Empezaremos a recomendar algunas inversiones. Lo cual … Read More

The Fundamentals of 1031 Exchanges

By Dwight Kay and the Kay Properties Team Welcome to 1031 101! If you’ve come to our metaphorical class here, you likely have a few questions. Chief among them: what is a 1031 exchange? What Qualifies for a 1031 exchange?  Why should I do a 1031 exchange?  What should I 1031 exchange into?  Is there an option if I have a failed 1031 exchange? WHAT IS A 1031 EXCHANGE? A 1031 exchange is a procedure … Read More

1031 Delaware Statutory Trust Guide: The Investment Tool You Need to Know About Today

When it comes to tools available for real estate investment, the options can be overwhelming. Every choice seems to come with stringent deadlines or severe limitations and, in some cases, both. Kay Properties & Investments wants to let investors know about an opportunity that seems to be flying under the radar. “A lot of people still don’t know about the 1031 DST structure,” says Dwight Kay, the company’s founder and CEO, who has published multiple … Read More