How Kay Properties and Investments Works With Real Estate Brokers

Securing Listing Agreements:
Many brokers have expressed that their investors want to do a 1031 exchange but are afraid of not being able to locate and close on their replacement property within the 1031 exchange timeframe. The Delaware statutory trusts have been secured and pre-packaged prior to being available to investors, and therefore potentially reduce closing risk. Delaware statutory trusts can typically be identified and closed on within 24-72 hours. This helps with the sale of the property because investors feel comfortable knowing they have a readily available solution. In our experience, clients are often more willing to award a broker a listing if he knows that there is a solution like DSTs to help reduce their closing risk.

Back Up Identification:
As a broker, it can be very harmful to be responsible for a failed exchange for your investors. As mentioned above, in the majority of cases properties in the DST have been previously closed on before investors are able to invest. This allows brokers to utilize Kay Properties and Investments DSTs as a backup option for a client’s primary solution. In the event that the primary solution is no longer an option an investor can seamlessly transition into purchasing a DST, this would prevent a failed exchange, which is a taxable event. We have seen on many occasions’ properties fall out of contract for due diligence reasons (Bad property condition reports, environmental reports not coming in clean, appraisals, financing terms changing on investors) The due diligence has been completed on the DSTs we decide to work with, which allows investors to review a full package immediately. Of course, we encourage investors to conduct their own due diligence as well.

Covering an Exchange:
Brokers many times have contacted Kay Properties & Investments to cover an exchange. As a broker you may find you client the perfect property that meets their criteria but does not utilize all of their 1031 exchange proceeds. The left-over proceeds are considered taxable “boot”. In order to avoid further 1031 exchange tax consequences investors can utilize their left over “boot” to invest into DSTs and have a full tax deferral. The DSTs financing is pre-packaged and investors do not need to qualify for the financing. DST financing is typically fully non-recourse. (*Every investors tax situation is different, and we cannot provide tax or legal advice. Investors should inquire with their CPA/Accountant to verify their 1031 requirements) Please remember that each investors situation is on a case by case basis. It is important to contact Kay properties in an ample amount of time before your client’s deadline. This will give them enough time to understand the risk and business plan of each offering. We are always available for conference calls and or in-person meetings with your clients.

*It is important to note that all investors/entities considering DSTs as a 1031 Exchange Option need to be a considered an accredited investor. Please contact us for further question and or qualifications