How One Kay Properties Client Used the 1031 Exchange and DST Properties to Retire from Active Management

A Kay Properties and Investments investor had been managing her 9-unit apartment building for most of her life. After purchasing the building over 25+ years prior for $30,000 she sold the building for $1,300,000. Vice President Alex Madden explained: “Our Client was most interested in getting out of active management and deferring her substantial capital gains taxes. She was able to utilize a 1031 tax deferred exchange and diversify* into four 1031 DST properties, in … Read More

Hotel Retirement Solution: 1031 Exchange into DSTs

Hotel owners frequently contact Kay Properties and Investments looking for a retirement solution. They have labored for decades building up their business and now it is time to sell the property and retire. However, optimism is often replaced by anxiety when their CPA calculates the tax consequence to discover the standard of living hoped for may not be feasible. Kay Properties and Investments works with hotel owners to help achieve their retirement goals through a … Read More