How to Make Smart Real Estate Investment Decisions with a 1031 Exchange

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By Dwight Kay, Founder and CEO, Kay Properties and Investments If you are a real estate investor, the 1031 Exchange is potentially one of the most powerful wealth-building strategies you have at your disposal. Sometimes called a tax-deferred exchange or like-kind exchange, the 1031 Exchange is a provision outlined in the Internal Revenue Code (Section 1031), which outlines how real estate investors can defer capital gains taxes on the sale of investment properties by reinvesting … Read More

A 1031 Exchange Expert’s Advice on Investing in DSTs

By Orrin Barrow, Senior Vice President, Kay Properties and InvestmentsIn the world of Delaware Statutory Trust investments, the position of Senior Vice President plays an important link between the client, the investment real estate asset, and the sponsor company who is presenting potential offerings. Over the course of the past several years as a Senior Vice President with Kay Properties and Investments, I have worked with hundreds of clients on their 1031 Exchanges and Delaware … Read More

An Easy Guide to Delaware Statutory Trust Investing

An Easy Guide to Delaware Statutory Trust Investing

Investors interested in Delaware Statutory Trust properties could benefit from a guide that clearly explains Delaware Statutory Trust properties for a 1031 exchange and provides valuable information on topics like: Key Highlights: What is a Delaware Statutory Trust? What is the history surrounding the Delaware Statutory Trust? What are the important dates that impacted the Delaware Statutory Trust? What are some of the benefits of the Delaware Statutory Trust? What are some of the risks … Read More

Delaware Statutory Trusts: Triple Net Lease Properties

Join a couple of our Kay Properties Delaware Statutory Trust experts Betty Friant, Executive Vice President and Matt McFarland, Senior Vice President as they unpack the nuances of triple net lease properties. Triple net real estate investment properties are a popular choice for 1031 exchanges. Kay Properties Executive Vice President and Managing Director Betty Friant and Senior Vice President Matt McFarland take a closer look at NNN properties, and how they fit into the Delaware … Read More

Delaware Statutory Trust Real Estate: Latest Offerings

Recently, Kay Properties founder and CEO, Dwight Kay, sat down to discuss some of the current custom Delaware Statutory Trust real estate offerings his firm has available on the Kay Properties marketplace for accredited investors for their 1031 exchange or direct cash investments. These properties are just a handful of current offerings from approximately 20-40 different DST offerings available from roughly 25 DST sponsor companies. These current Delaware Statutory Trust offerings range from single-tenant net … Read More

Delaware Statutory Trusts for Accredited Investors

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By Dwight Kay, Founder and CEO, Kay Properties and Investments Key Takeaways: What is the definition of an Accredited Investor? Why does the Securities and Exchange Commission require some investors to be accredited? Do Delaware Statutory Trusts require Investors to be accredited? What is the history of investor accreditation? The combination of aging demographics, stock market volatility, and a desire to find an investment strategy that delivers passive income are all contributing to the growing … Read More

DST Properties and 1031 Exchange Real Estate Investment Options

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Recently, Kay Properties founder and CEO, Dwight Kay, sat down to discuss some of the DST real estate properties his firm recently had available for accredited investors. These properties are now fully subscribed, however they represent good examples of DST properties that are available on the marketplace, and examples for 1031 exchange real estate options. The interview was recorded and transcribed so investors can have easy access and use it as a reference for … Read More

Delaware Statutory Trust Investor Reviews and Complaints

Interested in learning more about Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 investments? Make sure to do a thorough job of researching Delaware Statutory Trusts prior to investing in a DST real estate offering, including reviewing client reviews and testimonials, reading published materials, and understanding potential complaints investors may have with Delaware Statutory Trust investments. Please note that testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other clients. Past performance does not guarantee or indicate the likelihood … Read More

How Delaware Statutory Trust Investments Can Play an Important Part of Wealth Preservation

By Jason Salmon, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Real Estate Analytics, Kay Properties & Investments Key Takeaways: Delaware Statutory Trust Investments Help Investors Defer Capital Gains Taxes Real Estate Investments Are Popular for Building Generational Family Wealth Delaware Statutory Trusts Offer the Potential for Step-Up in Basis Tax Benefits Delaware Statutory Trusts Offer Investors the Ability to Enjoy More Free Time Many people believe that the best thing about a Delaware Statutory Trust … Read More