A Comprehensive Guide and Video on Why Investors Should Consider Debt-Free Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) Properties

Learn eight specific and compelling issues 1031 exchange and Delaware Statutory Trust investors might not be aware of when it comes to risks associated with leverage. By Dwight Kay, Founder and CEO, Kay Properties and InvestmentsIn the world of 1031 exchanges and Delaware Statutory Trust investments, mitigating risks where possible is paramount. One strategy that has gained traction among savvy investors is the all-cash or debt-free Delaware Statutory Trust (DST). As the founder of Kay … Read More

Mastering DST Properties with Dwight Kay

Kay Properties and Investments Book on Delaware Statutory Trust Properties Remains One of the Best Resources for 1031 Exchange Readers Interested in How DSTs Work Article Highlights: Why did Dwight Kay write a book on Delaware Statutory Trusts? The book talks about Delaware Statutory Trust pros and cons. More than 30,000 copies have been distributed to DST 1031 exchange investors. The book was written in a straight-forward, easy-to-read style. When Dwight Kay, founder and CEO … Read More

Key Investment Highlights of Net Lease Distribution 64 DST Offering

Net Lease Distribution 64 DST

Recently, Dwight Kay, founder and CEO of Kay Properties, sat down to discuss in detail some of the current custom Delaware Statutory Trust real estate offerings his firm has available on the Kay Properties marketplace at www.kpi1031.com for accredited investors for their 1031 exchange or direct cash investments. These DST 1031 properties are just a handful of current offerings from approximately 20-40 different DST offerings available from roughly 25 DST sponsor companies. One of these … Read More

Maryland Medical Press Release

Los Angeles, CA and Baltimore, MD Kay Properties Completes DST 1031 Offering in Baltimore Maryland Kay Properties and Investments, LLC has completed another equity raise on a 100% occupied net lease property in Baltimore, MD. The Maryland Medical DST offering is a 100% occupied Davita Dialysis medical clinic located in Baltimore, MD. The property benefits from a long-term net lease corporately guaranteed by DaVita (NYSE: DVA) as well as that the offering is an all … Read More