As Seen on 4 Ways to Invest in Real Estate for Monthly Income

Owning your own home can be a good investment for a number of reasons, but it’s not the same as owning income properties, which have the potential to produce cash income on a regular monthly basis. Consider the range of potential ways to invest in real estate for income. Please view Kiplinger article here. By Dwight Kay, CEO & Founder, … Read More

Kay Properties Helps Family Complete $36 Million 1031 Exchange Amid COVID Pandemic

Kay Properties is proud to announce the successful completion of a family’s 36-million-dollar 1031 exchange diversified into 15 Delaware Statutory Trusts.  Chay Lapin commented, “At Kay Properties we have specialized in providing a far higher level of DST investing services than found at typical providers of DSTs. We specialize in DST investments thereby allowing us to provide full-service resources for … Read More

Five Steps to Construct a Diverse Real Estate Investment Portfolio

Dwight Kay Founder of Kay Properties recently published in National Real Estate Investor Magazine. Here are some guidelines on maximizing returns and minimizing risks when building your commercial real estate portfolio. Please view the article on NREI here.  Millions of Americans invest in alternative assets, including real estate. It’s an important step to diversify a portfolio with investments that don’t necessarily … Read More

Understanding the potential advantages of the 200% Rule in a 1031 exchange

By Dwight Kay, Founder & CEO; Betty Friant, Senior Vice President and The Kay Properties Team “Is that your final answer?” You may recognize the question made famous by the popular TV game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Choosing the right answer in this game gives you a shot at winning big money, while the wrong answer leaves … Read More

Kay Properties Featured on Regarding Real Estate Investing

How to Build a Diversified Real Estate Investment Portfolio Having a diversified commercial and multifamily real estate portfolio is important to potentially reduce risk and create multiple opportunities for potential income and appreciation. Diversification is even more important in tumultuous times like these. Here’s a look at how to build a diverse real estate investment portfolio. By Dwight Kay, CEO … Read More

1031 Exchange Coming Up? Know the Options Before You Reinvest

By Dwight Kay, Founder and CEO at Kay Properties & Investments, LLC Please view article here.  If you have a 1031 exchange coming up, you have multiple choices to reinvest the proceeds from your sale. That’s a good thing, because coming out of your prior investment, maybe you’re tired of the three Ts — tenants, toilets and trash — and … Read More

Considering Real Estate? Know the ABCs of DSTs, TICs and 1031s

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Kiplinger Publishes Article by Dwight Kay on 1031 Exchanges

The founder of Kay Properties and Investments, Dwight Kay, was recently featured in an article on regarding alternative investment options before doing a 1031 exchange. 1031 exchange investors have multiple choices – not just direct ownership of an income property. Please view the article on Kiplinger here. By Dwight Kay, Founder and CEO, Kay Properties & Investments, LLC    One of … Read More