7 Deadly Sins Q&A with Dwight Kay

7 Deadly Sins:  What a funny title for a law about DSTs! Betty Friant, Senior Vice President overseeing the Washington DC office of Kay Properties recently interviewed CEO and Founder, Dwight Kay about a very important topic for anyone investing in DST Properties Betty Friant:  Dwight, thanks for taking the time to dig into a very important part of what … Read More

Dwight Kay Interviewed on WOCA 1370AM

Dwight Kay interviewed on WOCA 1370AM in Ocala – Gainesville, Florida with Larry Whitler and Robin MacBlane on the topic “Can a Popular Tax Strategy Be Saved”

Dwight Kay Quoted in Recent Articles

Dwight Kay, CEO of Kay Properties and Investments, LLC quoted in the following articles: – The Spectrum – Federation of Exchange Accommodators