Potential Pitfalls of NNN Properties and a Savvy Alternative

    By: Chay Lapin, President of Kay Properties and Investments NNN properties seem like passive investments but actually require regular management.  Overconcentration is a key risk when it comes to investing in NNN properties. DSTs (Delaware Statutory Trusts) provide an alternative way to invest in NNN properties. Diversification and true passivity are unique advantages of DST investments. Frequently investors are seeking … Read More

“THIS ISN’T WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR!” NNN Landlord’s Dilemma in COVID’s Uncharted Territory

By Betty Friant, CCIM – Senior Vice President, Kay Properties and Investments QUESTION:  There are some really big companies announcing that they won’t pay rents.  What is going on? Even some of the biggest companies in the United States are asking for or “requiring” rent reductions during the Covid 19 pandemic.  Well known companies like Starbucks, The Gap, Cheesecake Factory, … Read More

Triple Net Properties and Delaware Statutory Trusts

By: Sebastian Moya, Associate- Kay Properties and Investments, LLC The Great Recession probably resulted in a seismic shift in many real estate investor’s risk profiles. In 2007, the primary investment strategy was aimed at residential properties with large amounts of market speculation. These properties were largely financed with debt and when the market collapsed, well we all know the story. … Read More

Is a 1031 Exchange Triple Net Lease the Way to Go for You?

A woman looking up 1031 exchange triple net leases on her computer

By Chay Lapin – Senior Vice President Kay Properties and Investments  Please find below a case study when considering purchasing NNN properties versus alternative options such as DSTs.* Is a NNN Property the way to go for my 1031 exchange? Are you considering to purchase and manage a (NNN) Net Lease Property on your own?  For a list of current … Read More