Successful 1031 DST Investment Completed

Please view article here. Kay Properties today announced the completion of a 1031 DST investment for a mother-daughter duo. The pair sold a vacation rental property they owned for many years.  They were eager to exit the highly management-intensive environment of operating vacation rentals and enter into a more passive, diversified investment structure such as the DST. They utilized the … Read More

Kay Properties Featured on Regarding 1031 Exchanges

1031 Exchanges Are Driving Transaction Volumes Most recent CRE investment demand is from investors looking to complete a 1031 exchange during the pandemic. By Kelsi Maree Borland from Please view article here.  1031 exchange demand is driving the majority of transaction volumes during the pandemic. While some new opportunistic capital has entered the market, the majority of investment demand for … Read More

“There is No Cash Flow in Raw Land” – Family with long time land holding 1031 exchanges $2.5M of equity into potentially income producing DSTs

Please view press release here.  Kay Properties investors, a family who inherited land on the outskirts of a city, tried for years to sell the land all the while learning about 1031 DST offerings as a possible option for their investment.  When the property finally sold, the family wanted to lower their risk potential and so invested the entire $2.5M … Read More

Kay Properties and Investments Helps Clients 1031 Exchange their Property Empire into DST 1031 Exchanges

Kay Properties and Investments today announced the completion of multiple 1031 DST exchanges for owner-operators of real estate who are currently in the winding down phase of their investment career. The 1031 exchange clients utilized the Kay Properties 1031 DST marketplace at for a number of months to educate themselves on how DST 1031 properties for sale would potentially fit within … Read More

Grateful to be Debt-Free: Kay Properties Helps Client Stay Debt-Free in their $1-Million 1031 Exchange into DST Properties for Sale

Kay Properties is proud to announce the successful completion of five debt-free DST purchases for a couple selling a single-family home in Southern California. They were excited to be able to defer the accumulated capital gains and depreciation recapture taxes that they have accumulated over the many years of owning and managing the property by utilizing Internal Revenue Code, Section … Read More

Kay Properties and Investments Successfully Completes a $2,100,000 DST 1031 Exchange

View Morningstar press release here.  Kay Properties and Investments is pleased to announce the completion of another DST 1031 Exchange for $2,100,000. Alex Madden, Vice President with Kay Properties and Investments, explained: “Our Clients were very interested in taking on as little additional debt as possible in their exchange. Their focus on debt-free properties was well suited to the Kay … Read More

Kay Properties and Investments Announces the Completion of a $2.25 Million DST 1031 Exchange on Behalf of a Repeat Client

View press release on Business Insider here.  Kay Properties announces the completion of another 1031 exchange for a repeat client that sold farmland. This client had worked with Jason Salmon and Kay Properties several years ago for a similar 1031 DST transaction after selling their business as well as the real estate associated with it. This investor was comfortable with … Read More