Investing Across Market Cycles and Delaware Statutory Trust Investments 

By Jason Salmon, Senior Vice President, Kay Properties & Investments Key Takeaways:  What are the Four Stages of a Real Estate Cycle? What are some Current Macro Real Estate Trends Impacting Investment Real Estate? Why Should Delaware Statutory Trust Investors Be Aware of Current Real Estate Trends? One of the common topics that frequently pops up in investment conversations these days involves questions about what stage of the “real estate cycle” is the market currently … Read More

Why the Delaware Statutory Trust Specialist Can be a Real Estate Broker’s Best Friend

Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 Specialist

By Chay Lapin, President Kay Properties & Investments Key Takeaways: Why should real estate brokers present a DST 1031 Expert to their clients? Why is a DST 1031 perfect for a multifamily investor who is ready to sell their asset? What is “mortgage boot” and why should it be avoided? What do DST 1031 experts bring to the table for both the seller and real estate broker? Today’s multifamily market is bustling with activity as … Read More

What is a Delaware Statutory Trust and Why So Many Real Estate Investors Are Interested in Them?

What is a Delaware Statutory Trust

By Matt McFarland, Vice President, and Thomas Wall, Associate, Kay Properties & Investments We recently attended an Apartment Owners tradeshow and were surprised to hear many experienced investment property owners ask us the same questions throughout the afternoon. That’s why we thought it might be a good idea to write about what exactly were the three most commonly asked questions we heard during that conference that relate to DST 1031 exchanges, including: What is a … Read More

Kay Properties & Investments Helps Accredited Investor 1031 Exchange Into 15 Different Delaware Statutory Trust Investments within 30 Days

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High net-worth investor decides to relinquish a portion of his rental property portfolio in a succession of sales before entering multiple DST 1031 exchanges to help achieve diversification, non-active management, and potential monthly income (Torrance, CA) Kay Properties & Investments successfully helped a high-net-worth client complete 15 Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investments following the sale of five multifamily properties within a short period of time. “This particular client leveraged the full potential of Kay Properties … Read More

What is a DST Sponsor Company?

What is a Delaware Statutory Trust Sponsor Company? By: Alex Madden, Vice President, Kay Properties and Investments, LLC Many 1031 exchange investors have never heard of a DST Sponsor, what they are, or what they do. It is important for investors considering DST properties to understand the role of a DST sponsor and what they do. After reading this article, a 1031 exchange investor should have a better understanding of what a DST sponsor company … Read More

How Real Estate Investors Can Use Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) Properties to Replace Debt in a 1031 Exchange

By Alex Madden, Vice President, Kay Properties and Investments, LLC Savvy real estate investors understand the primary reason for selling and buying real estate via 1031 exchange is to defer capital gains tax that would otherwise be due on the sale. By “exchanging” one or more pieces of property for one or more like-kind pieces of equal or great value helps the investor defer capital gains taxes. However, one of the critical requirements that must … Read More

As seen on Real Estate DSTs — A Haven in a 1031 Tax-Change Storm?

In the face of the tax policy uncertainty, the question is how to think about current real estate investments and future investment plans. By Chay Lapin, President of Kay Properties & Investments, LLC Washington-watchers including many of us in the real estate industry are waiting to see if and how federal policymakers change the tax treatment of capital gains and 1031 like-kind exchanges this year. The capital gains tax rate affects the flow of capital … Read More

How do I use a DST for replacing the debt in a 1031 Exchange

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Fractional Ownership of DSTs Creates more Options What happens if I don’t replace the full sale price? By: Dwight Kay, CEO and Founder of Kay Properties and Investments and the Kay Properties team When doing your calculation on replacement value for a 1031 Exchange, don’t leave out an important part of the equation – replacement debt. One of the basic 1031 Exchange requirements necessary to qualify for a full tax deferral on capital gains taxes … Read More