Delaware Statutory Trusts: Asset Class Rejection

Listen to Delaware Statutory Trust experts Alex Madden, Senior Vice President, and Orrin Barrow, Senior Vice President as they review the significance of Delaware Statutory Trust Asset Class Rejection. Specifically, they will be discussing: ✔️ What exactly is an asset class for real estate and Delaware Statutory Trusts? ✔️ Why is asset class rejection important when investing in Delaware Statutory Trusts? ✔️ Consider some of the risks of senior care assets in Delaware Statutory Trusts. … Read More

Kay Properties Featured on Regarding 1031 Exchanges

1031 Exchanges Are Driving Transaction Volumes Most recent CRE investment demand is from investors looking to complete a 1031 exchange during the pandemic. By Kelsi Maree Borland from Please view article here.  1031 exchange demand is driving the majority of transaction volumes during the pandemic. While some new opportunistic capital has entered the market, the majority of investment demand for CRE assets is coming from 1031 exchange buyers. The activity has not only helped to … Read More

Buyer Beware: Are Oil and Gas Investments a Good Idea

By: Matt McFarland, Associate at Kay Properties & Investments With any and every investment comes risk. Investors everywhere are continually trying to balance the risks of an investment against the potential rewards.  As a national leader in DST 1031 Exchange and real estate investments, Kay Properties is constantly presented various investment opportunities to offer our clients.  We do not and will not participate in an oil and gas investment, as the inherent risks greatly outweigh … Read More

Founder, Dwight Kay Featured on For Insight on the 1031 Exchange and DST Investment Industries

The founder of Kay Properties and Investments, Dwight Kay, was recently featured in an article on regarding the potential benefits and risks of DST 1031 investments. The media, 1031 exchange investors, CPAs, Attorneys, DST sponsor companies and other industry participants, often turn to Kay Properties for guidance regarding 1031 DST offerings and is another example of this. Please enjoy the Forbes article here: A Better Way To Co-Invest In Real Estate: DSTs And … Read More

Dwight Kay Featured in National Real Estate Investor

The founder of Kay Properties and Investments, Dwight Kay, was recently featured in an article in National Real Estate Investor (NREI) which is a national publication on all things commercial and investment real estate. Kay Properties is recognized by many to be a thought leader on 1031 exchanges and Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investments and is frequently featured in various magazines and newspapers nationwide. Please enjoy the article here:

Who We Are

Kay Properties and Investments, LLC was founded by Dwight Kay to offer solutions to 1031 exchange clients throughout the country. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA with an office in New York, NY Specialists in the Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) 1031 Exchange Marketplace Offering DST Brokerage and Advisory Services to 1031 Exchange Clients Offering “Client Exclusive” DST Properties solely available to Kay Properties Clients Over $127,000,000 of DST properties purchased by our clients in 2015 Licensed … Read More