An Easy Guide to Delaware Statutory Trust Investing

An Easy Guide to Delaware Statutory Trust Investing

Investors interested in Delaware Statutory Trust properties could benefit from a guide that clearly explains Delaware Statutory Trust properties for a 1031 exchange and provides valuable information on topics like: Key Highlights: What is a Delaware Statutory Trust? What is the history surrounding the Delaware Statutory Trust? What are the important dates that impacted the Delaware Statutory Trust? What are some of the benefits of the Delaware Statutory Trust? What are some of the risks … Read More

Delaware Statutory Trusts: Asset Class Rejection

Listen to Delaware Statutory Trust experts Alex Madden, Senior Vice President, and Orrin Barrow, Senior Vice President as they review the significance of Delaware Statutory Trust Asset Class Rejection. Specifically, they will be discussing: ✔️ What exactly is an asset class for real estate and Delaware Statutory Trusts? ✔️ Why is asset class rejection important when investing in Delaware Statutory Trusts? ✔️ Consider some of the risks of senior care assets in Delaware Statutory Trusts. … Read More

Delaware Statutory Trusts: The History of the DST for 1031 Exchanges

Recently Kay Properties’ senior team of Delaware Statutory Trust experts Jason Salmon, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, and Senior Vice President, Matt McFarland sat down to discuss the history of the Delaware Statutory Trusts. Specifically, Jason and Matt will be discussing the following: ✔️ How the 1031 exchange laws were formed out of Revenue Ruling 2004-86? ✔️ What exactly is the Delaware Statutory Trust structure? ✔️ What is meant by “passive ownership”? ✔️ How … Read More

Another Reason to Stay Debt Free in a 1031 DST Exchange

By Dwight Kay, Founder & CEO, Kay Properties and InvestmentsIt seems like everyday there is another reason showcasing the reason why more and more investors are choosing to stay debt-free when investing in Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) properties in a 1031 exchange. Headlines Show Dangers Surrounding Leveraged Real Estate Just look at any business or real estate-related publication, and you will see the headlines are full of examples of real estate firms that have been … Read More

Four Ways to Use Delaware Statutory Trusts for Your 1031 Exchange

By Tommy Olsen, Vice President Kay Properties & Investments Key Highlights: How DSTs help investors successfully complete a 1031 exchange Can DSTs potentially provide investors greater diversification? How DSTs are utilized to help investors easily replace debt for their 1031 exchange DSTs can provide investors a good back-up option for a 1031 exchange Regardless of what economic trends are taking place, Delaware Statutory Trusts provide investors four timeless benefits for their 1031 Exchanges including deferring … Read More

Kay Properties & Investments DST Essentials Podcast: Liquidity & Exit Strategies

Join Kay Properties along with Matthew McFarland, Senior Vice President and Tommy Olsen, Vice President for a podcast on Delaware Statutory Trust liquidity and Exit Strategies. What We Will Be Covering: Various DST Exit Strategies DST Hold Period Expectations DST Secondary Market Transactions Estate Planning Transcriptions Tom Wall: Hi everyone, my name is Tom Wall, senior associate here at Kay Properties, and thank you so much for joining us this Friday for our investor conference … Read More

DST Essentials Podcast: Building a Crisis Resistant Real Estate Investment Portfolio

Listen to the DST Essentials with Kay Properties along with Betty Friant, Executive Vice President & Managing Director and Matthew McFarland, Senior Vice President for a podcast diving into a few tips on building a crisis resistant real estate investment portfolio. We will be discussing: The Importance of Diversification Asset Class Rejection Various Real Estate Access Points The Significance of Avoiding Leverage if Possible Transcriptions Victor Coronado: Hi everyone, this is Victor Coronado, senior Associate here … Read More

DST Essential Podcast: Case Study

Join us for the DST Essentials with Kay Properties along with Matthew McFarland, Senior Vice President and Tommy Olsen, Vice President for a conference call discussing a particular DST investor case study. We will be discussing: Investor DST Education The Importance of Staying Debt-Free DST Investment Customization Diversification Amongst Asset Classes Transcriptions Tom Wall: Hi everyone. Thank you for patiently waiting. My name is Tom Wall, a senior associate here at Kay Properties, and thank you … Read More

Kay Properties & Investments DST Essentials Podcast on the DST Full Cycle Process

Listen to Kay Properties along with Carmine Galimi, Senior Vice President and Brent Wilson, Vice President for a podcast discussing in-depth the Delaware Statutory Trust full cycle process. We will be discussing: Full Cycle: Overview of what the DST life cycle means for Investors Hold Periods: Rundown of the DST variables and nuances which affect the process of selling Leveraged vs. Debt-Free DSTs: Held time expectations for investors DST Investor Process Transcriptions Nick Snyder: Hi … Read More

Do your 1031 and get Tax Free Cash Out: Kay Properties offers a way to do a 1031 Exchange and also potential to receive tax free cash back

By: Betty Friant, Senior Vice President of Kay Properties and Investments and the Kay Properties Team How to get tax free cash out of a 1031 Exchange The main driver behind any 1031 Exchange is the ability to defer the capital gains tax on the sale of a property by rolling proceeds into an eligible “like kind” replacement property. What if you could also get tax free cash out of that replacement property? You can … Read More

Longtime Delaware Statutory Trust Investors Choose Kay Properties Over Others for Their 1031 Exchange

Please view Yahoo Finance press release here. Many Clients like to work with Kay Properties for the access to the 1031 DST Marketplace available at, others like it because of the depth of real estate and DST 1031 industry knowledge Kay Properties is able to bring to the table, while still others value the extensive due diligence provided by the Kay Properties team of analysts – these Clients saw that immediately. Alex Madden, Vice … Read More

Kay Properties Online Real Estate Marketplace Platform

By Dwight Kay, CEO and Founder, Kay Properties and Investments, LLC and Chay Lapin, Senior Vice President, Kay Properties and Investments, LLC At Kay Properties we have created an online real estate platform and marketplace at that provides investors the opportunity to explore various 1031 exchange investment opportunities across the entire country and across multiple real estate asset classes. More importantly, we have created an extensive real estate and 1031 exchange educational platform. Over … Read More

The Story Behind Kay Properties & Investments DST Platform

Dwight Kay built Kay Properties and Investments with the vision of reducing concentration risk for his clients by providing investors a broad menu of DST opportunities available for their 1031 exchanges and cash investments. He wanted to ensure that his clients were not putting their hard-earned nest eggs in one single basket. Instead Dwight sought to avoid concentration risk by providing investors with the options of spreading their equity over many properties, geographic locations, tenants, … Read More

Kay Properties, Which Operates a 1031 Exchange Property Marketplace, Hit $230 Million in Like-Kind Exchange Equity Investments from Accredited Investors in 2019

LOS ANGELES (January 31, 2020) — Kay Properties, which operates an online 1031 exchange property marketplace, raised and placed $230 million in like-kind exchange equity investments from accredited investors in 2019, the company said today. The $230 million raised from hundreds of accredited investors was invested in millions of square feet of commercial and multifamily properties across the U.S. The total consideration value of the properties at the time of funding was in excess of … Read More

1031 Exchange Guidelines and Deadlines

Many large buildings governed by 1031 exchange guidelines

The Delaware Statutory Trust was created to allow property owners or investors to sell a residential or commercial property and defer the capital gains tax that is present from the sale after the transaction is completed. The Delaware Statutory trust 1031 exchange provides investors with the opportunity to obtain a property that is already professionally managed while working with Kay Properties. This makes it possible to earn income off of the property without asset or … Read More

Kay Properties and Investments: How Kay Properties Helps Real Estate Brokers

We all know that completing a 1031 exchange can be a very daunting task. The 1031 exchange guidelines state that an investor has 45 days after the date of the sale to identify replacement property and then 180 days to complete the exchange. This includes weekends and holidays. Many brokers and investors alike have expressed that this timeline comes very quickly. What complicates matters even more is that many times brokers and their clients are … Read More

10 Reasons Why Clients Choose To Work With Kay Properties as They Purchase DST 1031 Investments

So, you’re ready to sell your property and make a 1031 exchange into a DST property. You can almost taste the retirement piña coladas and feel the gentle wind of the golf course on your face. Aside from finding the right Qualified Intermediary to help you make the exchange, you want to find a firm you can trust to help you find DST properties so that you can enjoy retirement. Here’s why hundreds of DST … Read More