Picking the Right Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) Broker

By:  Ehud Gersten – Vice President, Kay Properties and Investments, LLC Investors are often faced with investment decisions that require them to evaluate various investment options, like where to invest and with whom. Virtually all sophisticated investors will assess several criteria when making their decision, including the expertise and experience of the financial advisor, the operator/manager of the investment, and … Read More

DST 1031 Exchange: What is it and How Might it Help with my Current 1031 Exchange

So you’ve decided to do a 1031 exchange, meaning you have decided to sell your property and invest that money in another property in order to defer the federal capital gains tax, state capital gains tax, depreciation recapture tax and the Medicare surtax. Smart! But are you just moving from one headache to another? If you’re looking to retire from … Read More

What is a DST 1031?

First, let us explain a DST. DST stands for Delaware Statutory Trust. Here’s the full technical definition: a separate legal entity established under a trust created for the purpose of holding, managing, administering, investing, or operating a property, or for allowing business/professional properties to have multiple trustees where each owner has beneficial interest for federal tax income purposes and every … Read More