How to Identify a 1031 Exchange with the 200% Rule

By Dwight Kay, Founder & CEO; Betty Friant, Senior Vice President and The Kay Properties Team “Is that your final answer?” You may recognize the question made famous by the popular TV game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Choosing the right answer in this game gives you a shot at winning big money, while the wrong answer leaves you with nothing. Investors conducting a 1031 Exchange face a similar make or break decision … Read More

Good to Have a 1031 Exchange Backup When You Need One: Kay Properties Helps DST Investors Avoid a Potentially Significant Tax Consequence

By: Alex Madden, Vice President, Kay Properties and Investments, LLC Kay Properties and Investments is pleased to announce a completed exchange for an investor who did not originally intend to invest into Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) properties. Vice President Alex Madden explained: “After discussing the client’s background in real estate investing, he expressed his first choice was to continue with active management for a few more years before he began moving his substantial real estate … Read More

Three 1031 Exchange Alternatives

A man writing down various 1031 exchange options

By: Jason Salmon, Senior Vice President; Managing Director of Real Estate Analytics, Kay Properties and Investments, LLC Are you considering a 1031 exchange? There’s no doubt that in cases of like-kind exchanges, the Section 1031 offers tax gains that may amount to a substantial figure. It helps explain the popularity of the exchange option in the U. S. However, in many cases, in order to take advantage of the reduced and deferred taxes, the 1031 … Read More

July 15th 1031 Exchange Deadline Approaching! How Fast Can I Close on DSTs?

By: Orrin Barrow, Vice President – Kay Properties and Investments, LLC Many investors were granted an extension on their 1031 exchanges so that they would not have to identify their replacement property until July 15th, 2020. However, we are quickly approaching this deadline for investors to properly identify and select their replacement property. Given the very unsure nature of the economy and how Covid-19 will continue to affect us, many investors have been reaching out … Read More

DST 1031 Exchange Investment Strategies: Why 1031 Exchange Diversification Matters

By: Orrin Barrow, Vice President, Kay Properties and Investments, LLC The Delaware statutory trust was invented so investors would have the ability to utilize their 1031 exchange proceeds to diversify* across different 1031 DST sponsor companies, asset classes, submarkets and investment strategies. We here at Kay Properties and Investments have access to a diversified DST 1031 marketplace platform ( to be able to build well diversified DST portfolios for our clients who are currently in … Read More

What Is A DST 1031 Exchange?

By: Steve Haskell, Vice President, Kay Properties & Investments, LLC  Most real estate investors have heard of the 1031 exchange. Property owners utilize this tax advantage to defer taxes from the sale of their investment property as long as they replace it with a property of equal or greater value. However, many have still not heard of a DST 1031 Exchange. A DST 1031 Exchange allows investors to exchange their investment property for one or … Read More

Looking for DST Properties for Sale? Why A Comprehensive 1031 DST Marketplace is Imperative for 1031 Exchange Investors

By: Orrin Barrow, Vice President, Kay Properties and Investments, LLC Many investors that are looking for DST properties for sale for their 1031 exchanges find the comprehensive Kay Properties marketplace platform at very helpful. The Kay marketplace typically features 20 to 40 DST offerings and 25+ DST sponsor companies for investors to choose from. Along with the platform providing access to the marketplace of DST 1031 properties for sale it also features custom DSTs only … Read More

In a 1031 Exchange? Why Waiting until after COVID-19 to Complete Your Exchange Could Potentially be a Bad Idea

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic the IRS issued Notice 2020-23 which provided a multitude of tax extensions including the extension of the 1031 exchange deadlines. The typical investor in a 1031 exchange will have 45 days from the sale date to identify a replacement property, and 180 days to complete the purchase of that same property. With the IRS’ notice the 45-day, and 180-day deadline has been extended until July 15th 2020 for … Read More