Why Kay Properties Stands Out as the Preeminent Delaware Statutory Trust Investment Firm

The Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investment strategy has become the most popular choice for accredited investors seeking replacement properties for their 1031 exchanges. Kay Properties is often considered the preeminent choice for 1031 exchange DST investors in this space who want an expert Delaware Statutory Trust firm.

What exactly makes an expert Delaware Statutory Trust firm? Among other things, an expert Delaware Statutory Trust firm has decades of experience with thousands of completed DST investments on their resume. Kay Properties’ team of DST experts has more than 300 years of combined real estate, DST, and 1031 exchange experience and has facilitated over 9,100 DST investments on behalf of thousands of clients nationwide, totaling over $39 billion in real estate investments.

Only an expert Delaware Statutory Trust specialist firm works with a wide variety of investors of all sizes. Kay Properties has worked with very large institutional investment firms that have placed hundreds of thousands of dollars in Delaware Statutory Trust properties with us. In addition, Kay Properties has also worked with many smaller “mom and pop” investors who have amassed sizeable real estate portfolios over the past couple of decades, and now are wanting to move into a passive management structure with the potential for monthly distributions.

The Inception of Kay Properties and the Delaware Statutory Trust Journey

The Kay Properties story began nearly two decades ago when founder Dwight Kay started personally investing in Delaware Statutory Trust properties. The Delaware Statutory Trust structure was relatively new and still being discovered by investors as a 1031 exchange option. Dwight recognized quickly that investors needed help understanding the DST investment structure and that there needed to be more in the marketplace for a true specialist in the DST arena.

Back then, the landscape was barren for DST specialists, with only a handful of firms dabbling in DSTs alongside their management of stocks, mutual funds, and life insurance, handling only a couple of DSTs each year.

Dwight recognized right away this was what he wanted to specialize in and started Kay Properties & Investments.

He immediately set out working sometimes 20-hour days to create one of the most robust educational platforms in the nation for 1031 exchange investors that included some of the following:

  • Authoring (considered the first book ever written) on Delaware Statutory Trusts for 1031 exchange investors, which nearly 32,000 investors have read.
  • Producing weekly conference calls that discuss various subjects surrounding the nuances and strategies of Delaware Statutory Trust properties.
  • Hosting regular seminars and workshops for 1031 exchange Delaware Statutory Trust investors.
  • Publishing a glossy magazine chock-full of case studies, informative articles on DST strategies, and award-winning thought pieces describing sophisticated DST 1031 exchange topics.
Within a short time, Dwight and Kay Properties & Investments became recognized as the preeminent DST real estate investment firm dedicated to professionalism, integrity, and hyper-focus on customized client investment strategies.

Wanting to “eat his own cooking,” Dwight continued to invest alongside his investors in multiple DST investments provided by multiple sponsor companies. He turned this frontline investment experience into a valuable resource for investors with whom he shared insights garnered from decades of experience across multiple market cycles.

The Creation of the kpi1031.com Delaware Statutory Trust Online Marketplace

With such a deep well of knowledge and growing awareness among appreciative investors who valued his DST investment experience, Dwight then set out to build an online market place for 1031 exchange and direct cash investors. He built this marketplace at www.kpi1031.com to allow investors to explore various 1031 exchange investment opportunities across the entire country and multiple real estate asset classes, including multifamily, industrial, retail, net lease, medical, and corporate headquarters.

Today, the Kay Properties DST 1031 exchange marketplace platform offers investors access to typically 20-40 DST offerings from over 25 different real estate sponsor companies. Within the marketplace, investors can review offering documents, business plans, research and analysis materials, and the risk factors of each 1031 investment.

Should an investor go out and independently to purchase a piece of 1031 exchange eligible real estate, they may have to spend thousands of dollars on legal fees and research reports (property condition reports, appraisals, environmental reports, surveys, zoning reports, etc.) to confirm no significant issues with the property. These research reports can take weeks to complete and can be very costly.

On the Kay Properties marketplace, this information has already been completed and provided for investors to review. The amount of information investors can access in one place is where the www.kpi1031.com DST online marketplace platform sets itself apart from other platforms.

Online Marketplace Success

Not only did Dwight accomplish his vision to create an industry leading online resource for DST investors, but today, the Kay Properties DST 1031 exchange online marketplace is one of the best in the country and generates some of the largest DST 1031 investment volumes in the United States. The Kay Properties DST 1031 exchange marketplace has become a best-in-class platform available for connecting high-net-worth investors with quality real estate offerings as well as a place for real estate sponsors and operators to connect with thousands of high-net-worth investors seeking to deploy capital into real estate offerings. In short, the kpi1031.com platform perfectly matches all sides of the 1031 exchange equation.

Risk Adverse Investing Philosophy

Throughout his entire investment leadership career, Dwight Kay has recognized the importance of risk mitigation to protect investors principal. This same fundamental philosophy is used at Kay Properties & Investments.

One of the ways he helps investors reduce potential risk is by sharing his deep knowledge of the real estate sponsor universe with them. After personally investing in nearly 100 different Delaware Statutory Trust properties, Dwight has amassed valuable insights into these sponsor companies’ track records, including what they’re good at and what they’re not so good at. He takes pride in sharing his opinions and insights on these sponsor firms based on decades of experience personally investing with them.

Another strategy that Dwight and Kay Properties emphasizes is the use of all-cash or debt-free Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investments. By investing in debt-free DST properties, investors can potentially avoid some of the dangerous pitfalls and risks associated with leverage, including:

  • Protection from lender foreclosure
  • The avoidance of refinancing risks
  • No lender cash flow sweep provisions
  • No cross-collateralized loan risks
  • No balloon mortgage maturity risks
  • No exit loan costs or fees owed to the lender
Finally, over the years, Dwight has seen certain asset classes that he believes are too risky for his investors. Specifically, these asset classes include:
  • Student Housing
  • Senior Care Facilities
  • Hospitality Properties
In conclusion, Kay Properties & Investments has a deep history within the Delaware Statutory Trust investment arena and continues to emphasize its commitment to client satisfaction, integrity, and an emphasis on risk mitigation.

For more information on Kay Properties & Investments, please visit kpi1031.com or call 1.855.899.4597.