Using 1031 Exchange Delaware Statutory Trust Properties to Give Back – How a Kay Properties Client Gave Back

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Real Estate investors come in all types and many want to invest in a way that aligns with their values. Alex Madden, Vice President with Kay Properties and Investments explained: “When one of our Clients reached out and explained she wanted to invest in 1031 exchange Real Estate which offered a potential ‘Social Good’ Kay Properties and Investments leapt at the opportunity to help. We helped evaluate properties that provided medical services, hospitals, or that were tenanted by non-profit organizations. After discussing the potential strengths and weaknesses of the DST offerings, the tenants, the business plans, and the risks associated with each, along with the location of each property we were able to help the client choose a suitable 1031 exchange property, with an investment grade rated and multi-billion-dollar tenant who provided kidney and dialysis care to those in the local community.”

Senior Vice President Jason Salmon went on to say “it is always a joy to help clients potentially achieve their financial and humanitarian objectives at the same time. Kay Properties was grateful to help our client seek to accomplish both through this 1031 exchange.”