Alternative Investments for High-Net-Worth Investors

By:  The Kay Properties Team

High-net-worth investors sometimes seek alternatives to investing in traditional asset classes like stocks and bonds. Real estate, in general, has historically been a good way for investors to diversify* their holdings with hard assets. Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs), Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds, and Real Estate Funds can provide investors with access to real estate investments that can potentially provide monthly distributions, zero management responsibility, diversification and tax benefits not always found with other investments.

For example, investors can place their money in a portfolio of income-producing, institutional-grade commercial real estate, that provide passive returns with no management responsibility that are either leveraged or debt-free, diversified based on geography and asset type, debt-free offerings that have no risk of lender foreclosure, potential to invest in Covid-19 resistant investments, an alternative to investing in the stock and bond market that can potentially be more volatile and uncertain, and potential capital appreciation.

If you are high-net-worth investor, register at for a list of real estate investment opportunities that may be a potential fit for you.

*Diversification does not guarantee profits or protect against losses.