Kay Properties & Investments Team of 1031 Exchange Experts Lead Bisnow Webinar on “Why Investors Choose DST Properties”

Presentation covers the top three reasons investment owners are selling their rental properties and looking for alternative investment strategies like Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 Exchanges

Recently, Kay Properties & Investments 1031 Exchange experts Chay Lapin, President, and Orrin Barrow and Matt McFarland, Vice Presidents, recently participated in a Bisnow webinar where they discussed some of the most common reasons investment property owners are selling their investment real estate, and why Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 Exchanges are growing in popularity for investors.

Some of these reasons include:

  • New government regulations
  • Lasting real estate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Interesting changes in real estate economics

All of these have combined to help real estate investors recognize that the real estate investments they own may not be as valuable as they once thought.

While this may sound like hyperbole to some, this Kay Properties team of 1031 Exchange experts shares their personal observations of actively working with hundreds of apartment owners across the country, and we hear firsthand some of the challenges and pressures property owners are facing. Even national media are picking up on this trend. For example, arecent Wall Street Journal article cites that apartment owners and investors are leaving California and the Northeast for places like Florida, Texas and the other Southern states where warm weather, business-friendly governments and laws, lower taxes and fewer regulations seem like a breath of fresh air.