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Hi Jason, Thanks for your knowledge and professionalism. You had a calming effect on me and took the time to explain all your offering’ options in dealing with my 1031 exchange and finding a suitable replacement for the commercial property that I was in contract to sell. The due diligence you and your company do is above and beyond. You made the acquisition a breeze… with plenty of time to spare before my identification period expired.

I have referred my friends and family to you if they should be looking for an alternative to individual property ownership…

Frank U. – Port Charlotte, FL

I’ve really enjoyed working with Orrin and Chay. They have a tremendous knowledge of all the intricacies of 1031 exchanges and are able to recommend high quality properties to invest in. I feel as though they do a great job reviewing and evaluating different options before they present them to me.

Bruce G. – Manhattan Beach, CA

Dear Betty…

How nice it was to have become your friend as the result of such a very successful business relationship in which you so meticulously guided us through our recent journey in buying three 1031 properties. Not only were you extremely knowledgeable about the process, you were very patient in spending time with us explaining it….including more than one visit to our home during non-business hours for our convenience. It was very evident that you cared about us and wanted to diligently look out for our interests.

Should I ever come across anyone who would benefit from your services, I will highly recommend you to them.
Warm regards,

Don V. – Fairfax County, VA

Dear Chay and Matt:

I want to say thank you to you guys for many things….From the first time I reached out to you asking about properties and how to make some of the 1031 Exchange decisions, both of you were helpful, patient and very informative…. In the end, I am very pleased with the investment that I made with your support and answering of questions about the property…. To top off a good story, I appreciate the thank you gift that was sent this week. It was not expected and I did not realize that people / companies still said thank you in meaningful ways. Thank you for all that you guys have done and I have no problem recommending you guys to anyone seeking a 1031 Exchange property.

Steve R. – Henderson, NV

I want to thank you for the amazing service you have provided in my 1031 DST purchase. I appreciate your patience with all our questions and quick response to every concern. It has been a pleasure to work with you…

C. E. – Dayton, MD

We are grateful to all of you for helping us get set up with the DSTs, and appreciate all of your knowledge and guidance in this process. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with you.

Janet M. – San Diego, CA

Chay… Your company was a good company to work with. I really liked how you or Orrin always were quick to get back to me when I had a question. I also liked how fast everything was done.
Thanks again…

Lynda R. – Vernal, UT

…I’m very happy with the 4 investments I’ve made, with Betty’s help, for a number of reasons….

Of course, I paid no taxes on the transaction, thanks to the 1031. They are all deferred. At 15% capital gains tax rate, I have deferred AT LEAST $39,000! Possibly more here in tax hell Maryland, and of course, the 3.8% Obamacare tax was still in effect at the time of the sale. As someone we know says, YUGE!

Going forward, we are very happy with our monthly paycheck and the knowledge that we are part-owners of professionally managed real estate in good markets with strong tenants.

David A. – 1031 Exchange DST Offering Investor – Severna Park, MD

I am doing well and am happy with the DST’s I invested in with your company; the expertise you provide and the professionalism with which you operate your business.

Rod T. – 1031 DST Property Investor – San Diego, CA

Looks like your offerings were the best, not to mention the value you added when we talked. I will keep you in my DST file for myself and other potential DST buyers.
Thanks for your help,

Lou M. – Orange County, CA

Thank you for making this all happen! We are happy customers!!!

D. and S. B. – Repeat DST Net Lease and Multifamily 1031 Exchange Investors
From San Diego, CA

Your welcome! I think that your dst’s offer a good way for me to turn non earning assets ( land) into diversified earning assets,while deferring any capital gains taxes.

Bill E., Great Falls, VA

Betty Friant is a huge asset to Kay Properties and Investments. Being a novice at this type of investing, Betty has made me comfortable with the properties I have chosen to invest in. Communication is definitely her strong suit. Every phone call was answered or returned in a timely manor. Communication by email gets an immediate response. Often even after business hours. I hope to have a long a profitable relationship with Betty and Kay Properties.

T. R. – McPherson, Kansas

Just a note to say thanks for helping hank and me through our first 1031 exchange. It was sure a pleasure working with you and Dwight not only getting us through the 1031 exchange in a timely manner but also working with such knowledgeable professionals. We were thrilled that there was an easy solution to getting through and simplifying the exchange process using DST’s, presented by the both of you. We are enjoying the returns being generated by the DST’s, and are very happy that we were able to put our “Capital Gains” back to work.

Ted H – Clarke County, VA

It was a pleasant surprise to have received the gift basket with ‘goodies’ inside yesterday! I wanted to thank you for your gift. I also would like to express our gratitude for your help in processing our diverse set of DST’s that we hope will be instruments of solid growth and income. You have been wonderful in helping us, and a good source of information on commercial real estate. These are great investments that now don’t require our managing the properties!

Elaine T. – Broomfield, CO

Debbie and I received a beautiful basket of goodies and wine from you and Kay Properties. It was not expected but very much appreciated and will be put to good use as we host a big super bowl party 🙂 When you called the other night to tell us that everything was in place with our investments, it was very comforting to hear that considering this was our first experience doing a DST. Will look forward doing some more in the future and I have been passing on your info to people who might have an interest in doing one themselves. Enjoyed working with you and lets keep in touch.

Jon and Debbie E. – Maple Glen, PA

Thanks so much for thinking of us, and for the lovely gift. I cannot tell you how much we appreciated working with you; you made a really complicated situation much easier to manage.

Phil C. -Humphreys County, TN

I appreciate very much your assistance in making the purchases. I hope to do more business with you in the future as I have several more properties on the market. I have also counseled other family members and friends about your services so you can expect more business in the future.

R. N. – Thurston County, WA

We very much appreciated the knowledge, professionalism and assistance you gave us over the past months in deciding what investments were most beneficial for us. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Marie E. -Westchester County, NY

I just want to thank you for all of your expertise and assistance with the transaction. It is always a pleasure working with you. You provide a comfort zone for the consumer, disclosing the pluses and minuses and being forthright in your client/registered representative relationship. Thank you again for all your support.

Bob R. -Los Angeles, CA

Making the decision to sell our building where we operated our family furniture store out of for 40 years was hard enough. Finding a replacement property while operating a store closing sale and relocating was very stressful to say the least. With my identification deadline rapidly approaching, Jason Salmon from KPI was there every step of the way with great advice and confidence that our exchange would be accomplished on time. I would recommend to anyone considering a DST to utilize Jason’s knowledge and expertise in this area. I can’t think of anyone that works harder, more diligently and is more readily available than Jason. It was a great experience dealing with him and I honestly can’t thank him enough.

Steve S. -Brooklyn NY

Having sold our rental house in the Bay Area up north, we found it uneasy to replace it with another in Southern California. Thanks to Dwight’s excellent guidance and assistance, now we own multiple newer real estate properties in ten states (vs. one single older house) – diversified investment, with tax-deferred capital gains! Our 1031 Exchange via KPI was accomplished easily within 45 days. We’ve been most pleased with the work Dwight has done for us, particularly with his impressively pleasant diligence, responsiveness, communication and professionalism. Dwight is very honest and trustworthy… We are harvesting steady monthly direct deposit streams without having to manage anything.

David and Susie M. – Hacienda Heights, CA

You are a model of expertise and responsiveness in your business. It was a real pleasure working with you.

Dick S. – 1031 DST Investor – Chappaqua, NY

DK (Dwight),
 Just a short note of appreciation for your professional advice and guidance. Can you believe
it, we are now going on 3 years with numerous real estate investments together and all
(100%) have performed at or above projections. I cannot thank you enough. We consider you
like one of our sons (except for the inheritance part:) Your dedication to your clients is
exceptional especially when compared with other brokers in the real estate field. There is an old saying that says “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” It is an honor and privilege to do business with you. We’ve truly enjoyed our association and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship. Make it happen.

G. D., Entrepreneur/Business Owner and
Real Estate Investor – Huntington Beach, CA

Dwight has been an amazing source of expertise and knowledge with respect to Delaware Statutory Trusts. He has treated all of my clients with special care, always ensuring that the most appropriate properties were suggested. During every step of the 1031 process, Dwight has been attentive and available to serve my clients. Dwight is an expert in his field and is a pleasure to work with.

David T., New York Tax Attorney

Dwight Kay came very highly recommended to me by a number of friends in both the real estate investment and real estate brokerage worlds and after working with him on multiple projects for nearly a (very successful!) year I know why: Beyond being extremely knowledgeable, Dwight is always interested in understanding each different situation, listening carefully, and extremely good about suggesting solutions in a calm, patient and friendly manner. He always has time to go over whatever my concerns are, and has never failed to respond with whatever information I requested if it was not handily available. He seems to have the patience of a Saint and I have never once felt pressured to respond or make hasty decisions. I am very glad my friends recommend him to me, as I have to others! Thank you, Dwight!

Eagle T., – Los Angeles, CA

It was a pleasure working with Dwight Kay and his company this past year on my 1031, DST exchange. Everything has worked as Mr. Kay said it would and the checks arrive at the same time each month. As I do more 1031 exchanges in the future I look forward to working with Dwight Kay and Kay Properties with a DST to defer my taxes on the sale.

Richard V., Hotel Developer & 1031 DST Investor – Overland Park, KS

We have worked with Dwight Kay for the past two years and have found his service to be very reliable, trustworthy, accommodating, and honest. We have been pleased with the real estate investments we have made, and plan to make more in the future with him as opportunities arise. We find him very knowledgeable and highly recommend Dwight for any real estate investment.

Gerald M. – Rolling Hills Estates, CA

I have used Dwight as my real estate investment advisor and have been very pleased with his depth of knowledge related to real estate investment opportunities and his dedicated, personable, and prompt attention to the needs of his clients. Having invested in real estate for over 14 years, I find Dwight to be by far the best person to assist in finding high quality investment opportunities. I would not hesitate to recommend Dwight to anyone who asks.

Fred M.- Huntington Beach, CA

Just a short note to thank you for your work in getting me the detailed information I needed to make, what I believe to be the correct 1031 investment decision.

Alex P. – 1031 DST Investor living in Europe

Dwight Kay has represented my needs well in terms of reviewing my specific real estate investment needs… His ability to describe the “pros and cons” of each property has assisted me in my overall financial life beyond my present real estate investments. Moreover, his patience, and willingness to look inside investment problems while “avoiding speculation and “hear say” allowed me to make sound investment decisions based on his knowledge and training. My real estate portfolio today represents diversification, tax benefits and a sound income stream. I count on Dwight’s knowledge and input to find new real estate investment opportunities that fit the current ever-changing financial environment.

Charles K., Apartment Owner – Long Beach, CA

Dwight was a critical element in my successfully completing my 1031 exchange. He gave me suggestions, guidance, did research for me and answered all of my questions. When the time comes to roll any of my properties over, I will go to him again.

Sergei P., Rental Property Owner & 1031 Exchange Investor – South Florida

We have been investors with Dwight for over five years. He is a knowledgeable and trustful individual that we would highly recommend. In the years that we have invested in real estate with him he has always been very helpful and honest with us. We look forward to having many more successful investments with Dwight.

Alex B.- Huntington Beach, CA

I have been with Dwight Kay for well over a year now, and I have been very impressed with the level of service I receive from him. He is very credible and always responsive to my questions in a timely manner. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Niki D., Rental Property Owner – Torrance, CA

Dwight Kay has been my broker for the past several years. He is very knowledgeable about the properties he recommends. He is very diligent and when you ask a question he always either answers right away or does whatever it takes to find out and get back to you. Dwight has the highest moral standards of any real estate broker that I have ever been associated with. I have been a real estate investor over the past 40 years and I would completely recommend Dwight for any of your investment real estate needs.

Dennis C., Multifamily & Commercial Property Owner – Huntington Beach, CA

 it was a pleasure to work with Dwight. He was very informative about his properties and presented them with earnestness and enthusiasm but without the Hard Sell. Also when I needed help and information to complete my taxes concerning the properties, he was very prompt and helpful.
If I do any such transactions again, he will be the one I call.

Jean L. – US 1031 Exchange Investor living in Thailand

Dwight helped me get my feet wet with alternative investments in the real estate field, and has always followed through with his commitments.

Bill G., Manhattan Beach, CA

I would recommend Dwight to anyone. He has the knowledge and experience needed to help people in their real estate transactions.

Virginia N., Real Estate Investor – Redondo Beach, CA

I wanted to thank you for all the help you have supplied in solving my 1031 exchange questions and problems. Dwight not only supplied excellent 1031 investments but contacted the companies involved and had their representatives meet me while I viewed the properties at their locations. I have been highly impressed with Dwight Kay and the companies he is involved with in completing my 1031 exchange.

Greg U., 1031 Exchange Investor & Property Owner – Brea, CA

What I like about Dwight is that he knows how to explain hard-to-understand financial concepts. He seems to like to teach his clients and uses excellent analogies to do this very effectively. I would recommend Dwight because in addition to removing the veil of complexity associated with 1031’s, he is friendly, professional and prompt.

Sabina T. – 1031 Exchange Investor – West Hartford, CT

I have had the fortunate opportunity of working with Dwight Kay for nearly four years. He is trustworthy and knowledgeable. I have gained a great deal of information in this time period and will work with Dwight again.

Elizabeth T., Rental Property Owner – Rolling Hills Estates, CA

To whom it may concern: 
My wife and I met Dwight about a few years ago… As a somewhat conservative CPA we talked to other people that worked with Dwight as well, and found out how they had a sincere trust in him… We are very happy with our decision to use Dwight as our broker.

Richard I., CPA & Apartment Owner– Playa Del Rey, CA

Dwight Kay of KPI Brokers has represented me on multiple apartment and commercial real estate transactions over the years and he has done an outstanding job. I highly recommend his services to anyone wanting to sell/buy apartment or commercial properties. I quite frankly would not use anyone else but Dwight and KPI Brokers, Inc to handle my apartment and commercial real estate brokerage needs. Thanks Dwight for being so honest, loyal and committed to the success of your clients!

Hanna M., Investment Property Owner – Redondo Beach, CA

Dwight Kay was not only highly informative and passionate in his work, but he made the whole process… an easy process. I feel his suggestions for properties to be solid and to be specific to what I was after. I will have no problem to use Dwight again in my future investment needs.

Lloyd F., 1031 Exchange Investor – Phoenix, AZ

I met Dwight through a family member… From my experience, I have been very impressed with Dwight’s professionalism and dedication to his work. He does his research and presents the properties in a very approachable way. I enjoy working with him and look forward to further real estate investments in the future.

Dominique M., Real Estate Investor – Redondo Beach, CA

I have worked with many commercial real estate professionals but Dwight is by far the best. He is the most knowledgeable and energetic person in the business I know. He is always available to answer questions or concerns about anything and do it quickly. I would recommend him to anyone who wants investment advice in real estate.

Steve D., Real Estate Investor – Rolling Hills Estates, CA

Dwight, You may give this testimonial to anyone you desire, as I and my wife, think that you are the most honorable individual we know. Your integrity cannot be exceeded. Besides being a good human being, you are at the top of the most knowledgeable real estate brokers we know. I have been practicing law for over 40 years and my practice, for a while, was primarily real estate law. I also have developed and invested in real estate for over 47 years and have owned every kind of real estate. You have been extremely helpful to us in our real estate endeavors.

Bob K., Real Estate Developer & Attorney – Rolling Hills Estates, CA

Dwight Kay has been very attentive to my investment real estate needs. He has gone the extra mile, so to speak, from becoming registered in Illinois so he could work with me to several long phone discussions outlining my options and opportunities. My two investments with him have done well. I enjoy his personal touch and professional expertise.

Howard C., Real Estate Investor – Chicago, IL

I found your services in setting up our real estate investments effective and comprehensive. I appreciated your speedy response to all my emails. You continue to extend an invitation to your many luncheon meetings and webinars. Thanks for making real estate investing so simple and profitable!

Sharon C., Rental Property Owner – South Pasadena, CA

My experience with Dwight Kay has been one of complete financial success. Before meeting Dwight, my wife and I had substantial financial losses… Since following Dwight’s real estate advice, we have made quite a spectacular financial recovery. In less than three years, we have more than doubled our rental income. Two of the most impressive qualities in Dwight are that he has years of varied financial experience, especially in all phases of real estate and he is always thoroughly knowledgeable… My wife and I are highly appreciative of the part Dwight played in the vast improvement in our financial circumstances. He conducts business in a very professional, yet friendly and thorough manner.

John I., Rental Property Owner – West Torrance, CA

Your services and the properties you brought to us have exceeded our expectations. Hard to do in this market. Your refreshing honesty and integrity is a breath of fresh air when trying to find the right properties.

Eddie C., Real Estate Developer – Redondo Beach, CA

Many thanks for your help.

John – 1031 DST Investor – Sarasota County, FL

It is my pleasure to write on behalf of Dwight Kay and his Company – Kay Properties and Investments, LLC. I had the pleasure to meet Dwight during a trip to Los Angeles. I appreciate the time, activities and emails to me explaining the various opportunities for accomplishing my desired financial goals.
I have no hesitation recommending Dwight and his real estate services.

Claudia U., Investment Real Estate Owner – Fremont, CA

We have purchased several deals with KPI Brokers Inc. and are quite pleased with the results. It’s apparent that Dwight’s concerns lean more toward his client’s satisfaction than his personal interests. However, it’s our profitable track record with him based on his extensive knowledge in all forms of real estate that have placed him in our most favored category of real estate brokers.

Rosaline M. & Ivanhoe D. – Industrial & Rental Property Owners – Redondo Beach, CA

It is my pleasure to write on behalf of Dwight Kay and his Company – Kay Properties and Investments, LLC. I had the pleasure to meet Dwight during a trip to Los Angeles. I appreciate the time, activities and emails to me explaining the various opportunities for accomplishing my desired financial goals.
I have no hesitation recommending Dwight and his real estate services.

Claudia U., Investment Real Estate Owner – Fremont, CA

Our investment group worked with Dwight in finding potential 1031 exchange investments. Dwight worked diligently in finding possibilities for us to consider. Once we zeroed in on a property, he got us across the finish line with ease and professionalism. I would highly recommend Dwight for anyone needing real estate services.

Ken I., Attorney & Investment Real Estate Owner – Fremont, CA

Dwight, Thank you and I look forward to working with you (again). This was a smooth transaction. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

John Y. – 1031 DST Investor – Englewood, FL

A few months ago we were introduced to Dwight Kay… Dwight was recommended as a broker who could help us with some our 1031 tax deferred exchanges that we were working on. Dwight has shown a strong knowledge of how 1031 tax deferred exchanges work, and has been instrumental in helping us complete a number of transactions. Dwight has worked closely with us and our Qualified Intermediary in completing our exchanges. We have found Dwight thoughtful, knowledgeable, forward thinking, and dedicated to us as clients. We are currently working with Dwight on a large 1031 exchange, and look forward to completing this transaction with him in November. We feel comfortable working with Dwight, and recommend him to anyone that is need to investment advice.

B.Y., Apartment Owner, Ventura County, CA

Since 2008, I’ve gotten into 3 deals (all quite different) through Dwight. All are been performing at or better than expectation… Not only does Dwight find and pitch successful deals and reliable sponsors, he is foremost a knowledgeable client advocate… With Dwight no question is too dumb. If he doesn’t have the answer, he‘ll research the answer or find someone who has the answer. And, it will be an honest answer. I believe Dwight is here for the long term. He’s not one to sell you something then is gone. He’s kept abreast on what he’s sold me. I’m preparing to do a 1031. Dwight is my go to guy.

Doug M., Apartment Owner & 1031 Exchange Investor – Orange County, CA

Dwight, it was a pleasure working with you during our 1031 exchange. Thank you for your expert guidance and your never-ending dedication to ensuring we were comfortable during every step of the process. Your goal for us was that we selected the potentially safest properties with the most reliable track records consistent with the best potential for future growth. We, Jan and I, are very pleased with the professional help you provided. Thanks again, a pleasure knowing you.

Larry D., 1031 Exchange Investor – Riverside, CA

Dwight has been instrumental in helping me reach my financial goals. I have been a active real estate investor for years and was ready to turn from being an active investor to a passive investor so I could focus on other opportunities and interests. I am happy to say I made an investment with Dwight. I am happy to say that the returns that were promised have been delivered and I would encourage any investor to speak with Dwight regarding their investments. He has been amazing for me and I am so thankful to have done business with him.

Casey D. – Self Storage property owner & 1031 DST investor – Atlanta, GA

I would like to thank Dwight Kay of Kay Properties & Investments, LLC for steering us through our first 1031 exchange in California. We had done several previous exchanges in Maryland, but none with the personal touch that Dwight provided. He came out to our house, helped run through the figures to determine whether a 1031 made sense in this case, suggested several options for exchange properties, explained the benefits and risks of each, put us in touch with an excellent third party to handle the transaction, promptly returned calls to answer any remaining questions we had as the exchange progressed, and all in all made this a seamless process from beginning to end. We look forward to working with Dwight on any future exchanges we do.

Maurice & Janette L. – 1031 DST Investors – Torrance, CA

It is our pleasure to provide our testimonial. You have been very professional throughout the whole process. In another word, you have been very patient and thorough with our questions and your guidance. We did not know the process at all in the beginning. Without your guidance, I imagine it would have been a difficult process for us.

Jim & Ann M. – 1031 DST Investors – Foster City, CA

We are writing this letter to recommend Dwight Kay and his firm Kay Properties. Dwight did an excellent job finding the right properties to 1031 exchange into for us. He was always available and prompt to answer our questions or concerns which was as important to us as the actual investment (one exception, he was at a soccer game with his kids on a Saturday and asked if he could call me on Monday). His research and homework on the investment vehicles he proposed for us were spot on and met all of our criteria. When the smoke cleared he was also there to make sure we were satisfied with the whole process along with working with our facilitator/exchanger. We have no reservations recommending Dwight to commercial real estate investors. We will certainly use him in the future.

Howard F. – 1031 DST Investor – Bonsall, CA

You did a fine job.

L.G. – 1031 DST Investor – Montana

Dwight, the four 1031 exchanges that you put together for me are performing well. You did an excellent job in your selection. I was especially impressed with your immediate responses to the many questions I had, and for your assistance with the decisions that were required in my rather long process. Thank you for your professionalism, and my best wishes to you for your continued success.

Bob W. – 1031 DST Investor – Nevada City, CA

Dwight has shown a strong knowledge of how 1031 tax deferred exchanges work, and has been instrumental in helping us complete a number of transactions. We have found Dwight thoughtful, knowledgeable, forward thinking, and dedicated to us as clients. We are currently working with Dwight on a large 1031 exchange, and look forward to completing this transaction with him in November. We feel comfortable working with Dwight, and recommend him to anyone that is need to investment advice.

Barry Y. – 1031 DST Investor – Orange County, CA

Chay Lapin was an invaluable resource for me as he helped me work through my recent exchange. He was very accessible and worked hard to find just the right replacement property to meet my needs. He also had technology that made finding the right match to my set of unique numbers, so much easier. I would recommend him to anyone with this particular need.

Vera D., Palo Alto, CA

Dwight Kay is professional and highly knowledgable. Dwight patiently educated and guided me to an informed decision leading to an easy, smooth, and successful 1031 Exchange DST purchase. Dwight will be my “go to pro” for all my future exchanges.

Rob L. – 1031 DST Investor – Chicago, IL

Thanks for your continued help, Jan and I have complete confidence in you. Thanks again Dwight, have a great weekend.

Larry, San Bernardino, CA

You came well recommended and I was not disappointed…
I’m sure we will work together again in the future.

Karl C; Glendale, CA

Thank you again and a pleasure working with you.

Los Angeles, CA

Hi Dwight and Chay,
You guys are such an amazing team! Thanks for all your help last week. I came to you with no experience, very little time and not much money, and you still treated me like an important client, patiently explaining and proposing alternatives that ultimately allowed me to identify a solution on very short notice.

Lisa I. – Northern California 1031 Exchange Investor

Just a short note to express thanks for helping us select the best 1031 replacement property. We were pleased with the help you offered on the paper work. I wish our other investments were handled with the same attention to detail. Again for finding the best match for our needs.

Ken & Margie C. – 1031 DST Investors – Charlotte, NC.


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