What Do DST 1031 Sponsors Say About Kay Properties And Investments?

Kay Properties and Investments is known throughout the alternative investment industry as a leader in the DST 1031 marketplace as a national Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investment firm that specializes in connecting investors with the DST 1031 investment market and the many different sponsors and DST investments available. Here is what DST Sponsors are saying about Kay Properties and the Kay Properties Team.

These testimonials may not be representative of the experience of others. Past performance does not guarantee or indicate the likelihood of future results. These individuals were not compensated for their testimonials. Please speak with your attorney and CPA before considering an investment.

“…you’re making it easier on your investors than if they went to another company that might have an occasional exchange, might not know how the world works, might not know how qualified intermediaries work, the whole gamut of 1031… the greatest thing is your expertise, your depth of knowledge…In addition, you know all the sponsors, you know all the strategies, you know all the ins and outs.  And in addition, you’re some of the nicest people I’ve ever met…”

Medical, Industrial, and Multifamily DST 1031 Sponsor

“We work with large multi-billion dollar family offices, ultra high net worth investors, and we work with Kay Properties where we’re able to form a relationship…We see things in a very similar manner in the real estate market…and so we like to think of Kay Properties as an extension of us.  We focus on the day to day management of the real estate, the asset management, the property management, and Kay Properties focuses on  the capital raising, compliance, things of that nature… it’s been a great relationship. We like that Kay Properties has a real sense of pulse on the capital markets for our various offerings. 

Multifamily and Commercial DST 1031 Sponsor

“…when you’re a DST investor, you want to make certain you’ve got someone who’s advocating for you. And my personal experience with Kay team is that I’ve been very impressed with the level of analysis that you engage in and also with the length that you go to to educate your folks.  Speaking quite candidly, when you’re a sponsor, you get the privilege of working with a lot of different people and see their practices. Not everyone engages in this level of education.  So whenever you find advisors like the ones at Kay Properties who really have a passion for educating and empowering their investors, that’s usually a very good sign regarding their intentions.  We’ve greatly enjoyed the longstanding relationship that we’ve had with Kay Properties.  You do a very good job of pulling together the right types of assets and then really advocating for a good diverse* portfolio for your investors.”

Net Lease DST Sponsor 

“We’ve worked with Kay Properties since the formation of Kay Properties…so, we’ve been working together since day one. And really the relationship is that the advisors from Kay Properties are the  champion of the client. They go out and do another added layer of due diligence on our properties. They’re going to get the temperature of the client and see what is suitable for them and find the right DST that matches the client.  We know as a sponsor that maybe we’re not a right fit for everybody; We get that. But it falls on the representative to find the right fit for the client.  It’s very important for the clients to find the right representative…there are a lot of sponsors out there and there are a lot of DSTs out there.  And so it’s imperative to get a good match with an advisor like Kay Properties that can locate and build a portfolio for the client. 

Class A Apartments DST Sponsor

“…Kay Properties has one of the best reputations in the industry…and we only want to partner with the best in class.  Kay Properties reps are knowledgeable and share our commitment to integrity. You are a perfect fit for us.  The Kay Properties representatives and staff have such a high level of energy and enthusiasm about the industry.  We look forward to working with Kay Properties for years to come.”

Class B Multifamily DST Sponsor

“…what I love about Kay Properties is the due diligence, the vetting, the professionalism. But more than anything, it’s the focus on the client. We work with a lot of brokers and broker dealers and Kay Properties puts the client first.  We see other companies who are just transaction oriented.  We love the enthusiasm and the relationship you have with your clients. That’s something we’ve always valued and it’s really rare. I think one of the biggest things I’ve respected about Kay Properties is the due diligence and the focus on core fundamentals and good quality real estate. That’s something that really differentiates Kay Properties from the others.” 

Residential DST Sponsor

“…Kay Properties is well known in the industry as having a top team of representatives. Your depth in the real estate market has been legendary.  You’ve done billions of dollars of transactions in this DST space. What really stood out to me about Kay Properties, this is the amount of work that you put in to understand offerings so that you can serve your clients.  We focus in the self-storage area and the amount of time that you spend in understanding self-storage in particular was very impressive. You had researched all the important criteria in terms of our offering. And really the goal is that you find a good fit for your clients, which is exactly what we want. We want to make sure that people who are investing in our DST are a good fit for us, too.  Kay Properties is a great firm, you all are true professionals; total pros at helping your clients. So I am quite impressed with Kay Properties.” 

Self Storage DST Sponsor

“… Kay Properties is at the top in terms of what they offer to investors in terms of their services and their expertise. They do some things at Kay properties that other companies just don’t do, like their due diligence. When we buy a piece of real estate, of course, we underwrite the property. Then we send it out to an independent third party. They verify our underwriting. But when a property arrives at Kay Properties, they thoroughly review and do their own set of due diligence and underwriting on that property.  So they’re verifying the numbers that we’ve already verified and that the third parties have verified, and that’s taking the world of DST and shrinking it down to the properties that they think are the best. They also visit each property. There are not very many advisors out there that have the manpower, resources, or inclination to do that.  Everyone at Kay Properties has a very high level of expertise and knowledge. We are, very, very happy working with Kay Properties and hope to continue to work with Kay Properties for a long time going forward. 

Class A Multifamily DST Sponsor

*Diversification does not guarantee profits or protect against losses.