Location, Location, Location: 8 Reasons Why We Like Las Vegas, NV

1. Business Friendly Environment

  •  Nevada is the 3rd friendliest state for business taxes in the nation, according to the Tax Foundation, and it has held that position since 2012


  • Yes, you read that right… Las Vegas proudly boasts the lowest taxes in the nation thanks entirely to the huge taxable profits made by the casinos every year  

3. “The Entertainment Capital of the World”

  • Over 45 million tourist visited the Las Vegas area in 2015 alone (cber.unlv.edu)
  • Customer service jobs in plenty, as the leisure industry employs over 270,000 people

4. Large Population and Steady Growth

  • Most populous city in Nevada with a greater metropolitan population of over 2 million people (worldpopulationreview.com)
  • Named the 11th fastest growing metropolitan according to Forbes
  • 6.7% population growth over the past 5 years (census.gov)

5. Economic Excellence

  • Since 2010, the GDP has increased by over $10 billion (cber.unlv.edu)

6. Projected Progression

  • An analysis produced by the Economic Forum projects Nevada to add 52,000 jobs in 2016 and 60,000 in 2017
  • Billions of dollars in planned development pouring into the greater Las Vegas area point directly to the potential for steady and continued growth (Applied Analysis Research Firm)

7. Adventure is Out There!

  • Las Vegas’ location provides a plethora of outdoor exploration options for adventure seekers including Death Valley and the Grand Canyon, both of which are just a few hours drive away
  • Red Rock Canyon, Calico Tanks Trail, and Bristlecone Trail provide adventure a little closer to the active Las Vegas population

8. World-Class Transportation

  • The I-215, I-15, and I-95 intersect within and connect the greater Las Vegas area to provide easy access into the city
  • McCarran International air travel up 6.4% over the last year (Colliers International Las Vegas Research and Forecast Report)