Kay Properties and Investments Launches the Kay DST Secondary Market

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Los Angeles, CA

Every client of Kay Properties and Investments has been advised regarding DSTs lack of liquidity. One should invest in DSTs with the anticipation of holding their DST investment for five to ten years and potentially even longer. However, now clients of Kay Properties and Investments can potentially benefit from the opportunity to sell their DST 1031 investments early when unforeseen life events require an urgent need for cash.

“We are excited to provide our clients access to the Kay DST secondary market. At Kay Properties we maintain direct access to thousands of accredited 1031 exchange and cash investors as we have been involved in 1031 DST investments for many years. Through this platform we aim to continue to execute successful DST secondary market transactions for those clients needing potential liquidity in the illiquid DST market. We believe the Kay DST Secondary Market is another way that we set ourselves apart in the industry as true specialists in DST 1031 exchange investments,” says CEO and Founder, Dwight Kay.

Kay Properties and Investments Launches the Kay DST Secondary Market

One example of the Kay DST Secondary Market in action was when recently a client notified Kay Properties of a surprise emergency and requested urgent liquidation of a portion of her DST investments. The client fully knew when investing in the DST 1031 properties originally that they were illiquid and that a sale may not be possible at all. Kay Properties worked with the client to settle on the exact amount of money needed to satisfy her liquidity requirement. The client relied on the Kay Properties extensive DST 1031 market knowledge and industry experience to understand the process of potentially selling her DST investments.

The Kay Properties team worked together to comb the Kay database of thousands of accredited investors both in 1031 exchanges as well as cash investors in order to identify a buyer. The transaction was closed in less than four weeks. Additionally, The Kay Properties team returned a profit to the client in-spite of her liquidating her DST 1031 investments early. * Past performance does not guarantee future results and DST investments may result in a complete loss of investor principal. This is an example of the experience of one of our clients and may not be representative of the experience of other clients.

For many years, investors have chosen Kay Properties and Investments for their vast selection of DST opportunities from many different real estate operators and DST sponsor companies, vigorous DST due diligence process, extensive expertise in real estate, and relentless dedication to customer service. Kay Properties and Investments is now pleased to provide our clients with access to the Kay DST Secondary Market.