Here are 10 reasons why we believe Dollar General is a strong tenant

  1. Dollar General reported $20.4 billion in sales in 2015.
  2. Dollar General has over 12,400 stores in 43 states.
  3. Dollar General Corporation has a Fortune 1000 rank of 159.
  4. As of February 2016, OneSource database declares Dollar General the largest discount retailer in the United States.
  5. Same-store sales have increased for 26 consecutive years. In fiscal year 2015 same-store sales grew 2.8% compared to 2014.
  6. awarded the company with an A+ business credit rating according to OneSource. Also known as a 100 PAYDEX score, this perfect grade projects a very low risk of late payments.
  7. Dollar General Corporation has an investment grade rating of ‘BBB’ by Standard & Poor’s and ‘Baa3’ by Moody’s.
  8. Dollar General stock price has increased from $33.44 in June 2011 to $91.14 in June 2016, roughly a 172% increase.
  9. Dollar General differentiates itself from retail competitors by offering merchandise at consistently low prices in a convenient, small-store format. According to OneSource, the discount retail chain offers most of the items priced below $10, with over 25% at $1 or less.
  10. Dollar General stores are very strategically located. OneSource reports that Dollar General stores are located in a variety of rural, suburban and urban communities. Dollar General’s close proximity to customers drives customer loyalty and trip frequency.