Here are 11 reasons why we like to buy property in Dallas, Texas

  1. Dallas is the 6th largest metropolitan economy in America and the 12th largest in the world- Brookings Institute.
  2. The population of Dallas in 2014 was 1,281,047 according to 2013 census information provided by Policy Map. In the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area, the population was 6,954,330.
  3. In the years 2000-2014, the population growth rate in Dallas increased 7.8%- City of Dallas Economic Profile.
  4. Forbes ranked the Dallas-Fort Worth- Arlington area the 3rd fastest growing city in the US.
  5. Dallas residents are free from paying both state income taxes and local income taxes.
  6. Out of the 12 largest metropolitan areas in the United States, the Dallas-Fort Worth Arlington area had the fastest rate of job growth at 3.9% in March 2016- Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  7. Forbes ranked 4th Best Cities for young professionals.
  8. 21 Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in Dallas.
  9. The Dallas Arts District underwent a 338 million dollar expansion in 2009, which led to the opening and refurbishing of several tourism destinations such as Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House and the City Performance Hall.
  10. The Dallas/Fort Worth international airport is the 4th busiest airport in the United States and 9th busiest in the world. In 2014 it served over 63.5 million customers- City of Dallas Economic Profile.
  11. There are 13 colleges in Dallas, including prestigious universities such as Southern Methodist University, the Art Institute of Dallas, and the University of Texas at Dallas. In the larger Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area, there are a total of 39 colleges including Texas Christian University and University of Texas and Arlington, the second largest UT. These institutions enroll about 328,000 students total- City of Dallas Economic Profile.


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