Custom Kay Properties DST Offering Goes Full Cycle on Behalf of Investors

Greenville, SC

One of Kay Properties Custom DST offerings located in Greenville, SC has gone full-cycle delivering an annualized return of 12.60%* after providing uninterrupted monthly distributions throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

(Torrance, CA December 21, 2021) Kay Properties & Investments, a national DST investment firm, announced another one of its debt-free DST investments has gone full cycle to deliver successful returns on behalf of investors.

According to Dwight Kay, CEO & Founder of Kay Properties & Investments, the DST property was sold on behalf of a large group of DST accredited investors. “Full Cycle” is the name used to describe a Delaware Statutory Trust property that is purchased and then sold on behalf of a group of accredited investors after a period of time.The recent full-cycle DST offerings sale generated a 12.60% Annualized Return*.

“We are very pleased for this investment to have provided our clients with a full cycle liquidity event, uninterrupted monthly distributions throughout the entire COVID-19 pandemic, return of their entire equity amount invested as well as appreciation on that equity upon sale. While past performance does not guarantee or indicate the likelihood of future results and all real estate investments could result in a full loss of principal, this DST Offering is a good example of how Kay Properties does everything it can to provide our clients with investments that have a lower risk profile with assets that are potentially resilient to pandemics and recessions, and often offered as debt free DST offerings without long-term mortgages,” said Kay.

Chay Lapin, President of Kay Properties & Investments, explained that the Greenville, SC DST property performed as per the business plan in the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) which sought to provide investors with monthly distributions, a full cycle liquidity event and a profitable sale all while maintaining the lower-risk profile of an all-cash/debt-free DST investment**.

“Our investors were attracted to this Delaware Statutory Trust offering because it provided them the potential for a risk adjusted durable income stream, a high quality tenant, risk mitigation via a debt-free offering with no balloon mortgage, and multiple exit strategies,” said Lapin.

In the case of the Greenville 17 DST, the asset was 100 percent occupied and secured with a long-term, absolute NNN lease that was corporately backed.

“Investors liked that the asset had a long-term, corporately-backed lease, annual rent increases, and a tenant with an established track record. It is a good example of a DST real estate offering that was managed in accordance with our business plan and our investors were very satisfied with the results**.Of course, going forward we hope that all of our offerings perform as well as or even better than this particular DST however that is never guaranteed, and investors should understand that all real estate and DST investments contain multiple risk factors.We always encourage all investors to read each offering’s PPM paying careful attention to the risk factors prior to considering an investment.” said Lapin.

Kay Properties continues to offer more net lease, industrial and multifamily properties for its DST investment program as well as its private real estate investment funds.

To view current 1031 exchange DST replacement properties and/or direct cash investment opportunities, please visit or call 1-855-899-4597 for more information.

*Past performance does not guarantee or indicate the likelihood of future results.

*No representation is made that any DST investment will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those achieved in the past or that losses will not be incurred on future offerings.