Custom Kay Properties Delaware Statutory Trust Offering Goes Full Cycle

Kay Properties and Investments, LLC today announced that one of their custom Kay Properties Delaware Statutory Trust offerings successfully went full cycle on behalf of multiple 1031 exchange and direct cash investors.

The DST investment that was sold was the Maple Springs Apartments in Richmond, VA which was a 268-unit multifamily community.  For those investors that closed simultaneously on the DST investment the same day that the property was purchased, the total returns were approximately as follows: 

Total return of 167%*

– which was inclusive of principal invested, appreciation and monthly distributions

Total annualized return of 15%*

– which was inclusive of monthly distributions and appreciation

Dwight Kay, CEO and Founder of Kay Properties commented, “We are pleased to have offered another Kay Properties client only custom Delaware Statutory Trust offering to our investors with a fantastic outcome.  The Maple Springs Apartments DST was made available to Kay clients as a Custom DST in November 2016 and was sold at a very profitable exit on behalf of our clients in April 2021.” * 

Kay continued, “This successful sale resulted in the majority of the investors doing a subsequent 1031 exchange into more Delaware Statutory Trust investments on the investment platform.  Over the years the repeat business by our clients throughout the country has been something we are especially proud of. The sale of the Maples Springs Apartments DST has been another custom Kay Properties full cycle event with satisfied Kay investors nationwide.  As always, past performance is no guarantee of future results and all investors should consider the risk factors of investing in DST investments and real estate by reading the Private Placement Memorandum prior to participating in any DST offering for sale, paying careful attention to the risk factors section.” *

Chay Lapin, President of Kay Properties, remarked, “We were very pleased with the value-add investment strategy of Maple Springs DST investment for our investors. As an investor myself in Maple Springs, it was a great opportunity to have a double-digit IRR and give our investors an opportunity for upside potential. We saw the class B multifamily sector opportunity years ago and were very extremely pleased to have our team execute the business plan successfully.” *

Jason Salmon, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Real Estate Analytics at Kay Properties, noted, “It has always been gratifying when clients return for multiple investments over time—many of our clients work with Kay Properties to divest of their real estate portfolios and diversify into multiple DSTs in separate transactions as they sell off their investment properties (it’s also a pleasure to help investors with single investment transactions to transition from active to passive real estate ownership).”

Salmon additionally stated, “It’s been especially pleasing throughout the years to see many of the real estate and DST offerings we have worked on sell at a handsome profit for our investors. Maple Springs is no exception, a DST investment for sale that was exclusively available to investors working with Kay Properties that created value for 1031 exchange and cash investors.” *

Salmon also observed, “Maple Springs DST was a fine example of a Delaware Statutory Trust real estate offering that was managed in accordance with the business plan and investors were more than satisfied with the results. My clients around the country reinvested in additional DSTs for their 1031 exchanges and I’m proud to have been able to work with them again.” *

Betty Friant, Senior Vice President at Kay Properties, reflected, “Maple Springs is typical of many of the types of DST properties we offer.  Great location, upside potential, and high barriers to entry in the Richmond rental market.  With the total annualized return inclusive of monthly distributions at approximately 15% (past performance does not guarantee future results), this was a nice piece of our investors’ real estate portfolio. In fact, I liked this property so much that I invested in it myself!” *

Kay concluded, “The power of the Kay Properties platform at is that not only do investors who access the platform and register for an account receive access to the marketplace of Delaware Statutory Trust offerings from over 25 different DST sponsor companies, but they also are able to access custom Delaware Statutory Trust offerings that are only available to clients that work with Kay Properties.”

About Kay Properties and

Kay Properties is a national Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investment firm. The platform provides access to the marketplace of DSTs from over 25 different sponsor companies, custom DSTs only available to Kay clients, independent advice on DST sponsor companies, full due diligence and vetting on each DST (typically 20-40 DSTs) and a DST secondary market.  Kay Properties team members collectively have over 150 years of real estate experience, are licensed in all 50 states, and have participated in over 30 Billion of DST 1031 investments.

* Past performance does not guarantee or indicate the likelihood of future results. Diversification does not guarantee profits or protect against losses. All real estate investments provide no guarantees for cash flow, distributions or appreciation as well as could result in a full loss of invested principal. Please read the entire Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) prior to making an investment. This case study may not be representative of the outcome of past or future offerings. Please speak with your attorney and CPA before considering an investment.

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