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Kay Properties is a 1031 investment platform that connects investors with DST sponsor companies. We work with over 25 different DST sponsors throughout the industry that put together and manage DST properties for 1031 exchange investors. Other companies may only work with a few sponsors, which greatly limits YOU to the properties they can sell - they will tell you that the few they work with are the only good ones in the entire market - this is just not true as we have seen some of the best performance in DST properties come from some of the smallest and niche DST sponsor companies over the years.

DST Sponsor Companies We Work With Include...

And many more...

Find DST sponsor offerings, typically 20-40 DST offerings to choose from, on our DST marketplace at www.kpi1031.com Through Kay Properties you will have access to DST 1031 inventory from these many different DST sponsors. Since Kay Properties has participated in over $30 Billion dollars of DST investments with these DST sponsor companies, we are uniquely positioned to advise our clients as to which of the 20-40 different DST investments in the marketplace at any given time match up with your specific needs. We are not beholden to just a few sponsors, so we can educate and advise you on the potential strengths and weaknesses of each.

At Kay Properties, along with working with many of the major DST sponsor companies in the industry, we also have offerings that DST sponsors have created as custom DSTs only for our clients providing our investors with even greater diversification. This allows investors the ability to view the majority of DSTs both on and off market to build a 1031 DST portfolio that makes the most sense for them.

We believe this access to the majority of the DST 1031 realm of investments is one of the reasons that many of the DST sponsors we work with consistently say that more 1031 DST investors invest through the Kay Properties marketplace at www.kpi1031.com than any other firm in the nation.

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