Hotel Retirement Solution: 1031 Exchange into DSTs

Hotel owners frequently contact Kay Properties and Investments looking for a retirement solution. They have labored for decades building up their business and now it is time to sell the property and retire. However, optimism is often replaced by anxiety when their CPA calculates the tax consequence to discover the standard of living hoped for may not be feasible. Kay … Read More

Charlotte Pharmacy Press Release

Los Angeles, CA and Charlotte, NC Kay Properties and Investments, LLC has successfully completed a $5,436,250 equity raise for the Charlotte Pharmacy DST. The Charlotte Pharmacy DST is an all-cash/debt-free DST investment that owns a 100% occupied Walgreens Pharmacy located in Charlotte, NC. The property enjoys a long-term net lease with a Walgreens corporate guarantee as well as the property … Read More

DST Client Testimonials

Hi Jason, Thanks for your knowledge and professionalism. You had a calming effect on me and took the time to explain all your offering’ options in dealing with my 1031 exchange and finding a suitable replacement for the commercial property that I was in contract to sell. The due diligence you and your company do is above and beyond. You … Read More

1031 Exchange Investors Are Choosing DST Properties for Passive Real Estate Ownership

By Jason Salmon Senior Vice President; Managing Director of Real Estate Analytics – Kay Properties & Investments, LLC Over the course of the past several years, Kay Properties has observed incremental growth in the number of investors choosing Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs) as a preferred means of passive real estate investing for like-kind, tax-deferred 1031 exchanges. 1031 Exchange Basics Per section … Read More

1031 Exchanging Into a REIT: The 721 UPREIT As an Option for Investors

By: Orrin Barrow, Vice President at Kay Properties and Investments, LLC Here at Kay Properties, we have many clients who inquire about different 1031 exchange options. Some of our investors have inquired about the 721 UPREIT (Umbrella Partnership Real Estate Investment Trust) mechanism in both DSTs and Private and Publicly Registered Non-Traded REITS. The question that many investors ask is … Read More

Cove Debt Free Tacoma Data Center DST

Cove Capital Investments, LLC is delighted to offer a Debt Free Data Center in Tacoma, WA. Please reach out with any questions. There are material risks associated with investing in real estate, Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) properties and real estate securities including illiquidity, tenant vacancies, general market conditions and competition, lack of operating history, interest rate risks, the risk of … Read More