DST 1031 Property Due Diligence

By Dwight Kay, Founder and CEO, Kay Properties & Investments Key Takeaways: Why is Due Diligence important for Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 Exchanges? What are the seven steps of due diligence Kay Properties performs? Why rejecting exotic and high-risk property categories should be the first step of any due diligence process? At Kay Properties and Investments, we’re different than others—not just different in that our DST 1031 volume was $610 million in 2021, our Kay … Read More

10 Reasons We Like DaVita Dialysis as the Tenant of our DST 1031 Exchange Investments

DaVita is a Fortune 500® company publicly traded on the NYSE as DVA3 DaVita Kidney Care is a leading provider of kidney care in the United States, with clinical outcomes that were the best or among the best in the United States in almost every category in 20171 DaVita has a market capitalization of $12.8 billion as of August 6, 20184 DaVita has 70,800 full time employees2 DaVita had annual revenue of $11.11 billion in … Read More

Infographic – Kay Properties DST 1031 Due Diligence Process

One of the many things that sets Kay Properties and Investments apart from others is our extensive due diligence on DST 1031 properties. The Kay Properties Due Diligence Team is comprised of seasoned industry veterans who have performed due diligence, research, and analysis for regional and national commercial banks, private real estate companies, large real estate developers and international commercial real estate research firms.