Longtime Delaware Statutory Trust Investors Choose Kay Properties Over Others for Their 1031 Exchange

Please view Yahoo Finance press release here. Many Clients like to work with Kay Properties for the access to the 1031 DST Marketplace available at www.kpi1031.com, others like it because of the depth of real estate and DST 1031 industry knowledge Kay Properties is able to bring to the table, while still others value the extensive due diligence provided by the Kay Properties team of analysts – these Clients saw that immediately. Alex Madden, Vice … Read More

How COVID-19 Has Affected Retail Real Estate

By:  The Kay Properties Team Certain segments of the retail sector have been particularly hit hard by the lockdown orders instituted because of covid-19, for example clothing and home goods. Other retailers, like grocers and drug stores have outperformed, having been determined essential and where able to remain open. And although more States are now reopening their economies to “non-essential” businesses, some areas of retail will still nevertheless not recover fully and may see a … Read More

New York Times with Alex Madden

Kay Properties was featured in an article in the New York Times on 1031 exchanges.  Our very own Alex Madden, Vice President with Kay Properties and former Army Ranger, was interviewed for the story.   Please view our story on New York Times here.

The Story Behind Kay Properties & Investments DST Platform

Dwight Kay built Kay Properties and Investments with the vision of reducing concentration risk for his clients by providing investors a broad menu of DST opportunities available for their 1031 exchanges and cash investments. He wanted to ensure that his clients were not putting their hard-earned nest eggs in one single basket. Instead Dwight sought to avoid concentration risk by providing investors with the options of spreading their equity over many properties, geographic locations, tenants, … Read More

Five Interesting Facts about Delaware Statutory Trust Investments

By Alex Madden, Vice President with Kay Properties and Investments There is a lot to read and learn about DST or Delaware Statutory Trust investments and 1031 exchanges. First let’s begin with the basics. What is a DST 1031 Property? A DST is an entity with which investors can hold title to investment real estate. A structured DST property qualifies as like kind exchange property for a 1031 exchange. But there are many more facts … Read More

The Kay Properties Process

1031 Exchange DST Planning and Guidance Introductory Consultation  The introductory call will begin a dialogue for us to understand your situation – your preference, needs, and requirements for your upcoming 1031 exchange. Develop Preliminary Recommendations Using the client goals and objectives from our initial consultation, we will begin to transform your words into a strategic 1031 plan. We will provide some initial recommendations for investments. Which will be a starting point to change as needed. … Read More

What Qualified Intermediaries/Exchange Accommodators Should Know About Kay Properties and Investments

By: Jason Salmon, Senior Vice President- Kay Properties and Investments, LLC With hope, readers of this article have a working knowledge of Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs); and further, by the end of this piece, a deeper understanding of their place in 1031 exchanges. It’s important to know who’s who, what’s what and certainly where, when, why and how. Our firm, Kay Properties and Investments, works independently with investors interested in participating in DST real estate … Read More