Dwight Kay Featured in National Real Estate Investor

The founder of Kay Properties and Investments, Dwight Kay, was recently featured in an article in National Real Estate Investor (NREI) which is a national publication on all things commercial and investment real estate. Kay Properties is recognized by many to be a thought leader on 1031 exchanges and Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investments and is frequently featured in various magazines and newspapers nationwide. Please enjoy the article here: https://www.nreionline.com/investment/downside-crowdfunding-every-real-estate-investor-should-know

7 Deadly Sins Q&A with Dwight Kay

7 Deadly Sins:  What a funny title for a law about DSTs! Betty Friant, Senior Vice President overseeing the Washington DC office of Kay Properties recently interviewed CEO and Founder, Dwight Kay about a very important topic for anyone investing in DST Properties Betty Friant:  Dwight, thanks for taking the time to dig into a very important part of what a DST is and how it works.  We’ve all heard of Snow White and the … Read More

Listen to an audio version of the DST 1031 Book by Dwight Kay

Discover what every 1031 exchange investor should consider when thinking about investing into Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) 1031 exchange properties. Learn about how DST 1031 properties are structured, financed and packaged for 1031 exchange investors as well as their potential benefits and risks. Learn about various types of DST 1031 properties available to qualified accredited investors as well as why 1031 exchange investors are increasingly choosing DST 1031 properties over traditional Triple Net Leased (NNN) … Read More

Dwight Kay Interviewed on WOCA 1370AM

Dwight Kay interviewed on WOCA 1370AM in Ocala – Gainesville, Florida with Larry Whitler and Robin MacBlane on the topic “Can a Popular Tax Strategy Be Saved”

Dwight Kay Quoted in Recent Articles

Dwight Kay, CEO of Kay Properties and Investments, LLC quoted in the following articles: – The Spectrum – Federation of Exchange Accommodators

A Letter from Dwight Kay of Kay Properties and Investments, LLC

Dear 1031 Exchange Investor, Thank you for considering Kay Properties and Investments, LLC for your upcoming 1031 exchange. Over the years we have worked with clients throughout the country in the successful completion of their 1031 exchanges into Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) properties. Our clients range from owners of single-family rentals and small apartment buildings, to very large commercial and multi-family owners and operators, real estate developers, CPAs, attorneys, mutual fund managers and more. Each … Read More