Location, Location, Location: 12 Reasons Why We Like Austin

According to the government census website, Austin’s population grew 14.8% from April 2010 to July 2015. Forbes ranked Austin the #1 fastest growing city, and Business Insider states that the Texas state capital gains roughly 50 new residents each day. The United States Census Bureau reports that from 2010-2014 87% of adults aged 25+ are high school graduates and 46% hold a bachelors degree or higher. Forbes ranked Austin the 5th Best city for young … Read More

Location, Location, Location: 9 Reasons Why We Like Charleston, SC

1. Strong Job Growth Average of 10,000 net new jobs annually over past 6 years (charlestonregionaldata.com) 29.7% total growth in employment across all industries over the last 15 years (U.S national growth 7.4%) (charlestonregionaldata.com) Civilian labor force grew 4.5x faster than the US average from 2010-2015 (US Bureau of Labor Statistics) 2. Staggeringly Low Unemployment Rate of Only 4.4% 4.4% unemployment rate (Bureau of Labor Statistics) 3. Advanced Transportation Infrastructure with Unrivaled Access to International … Read More