Can I 1031 Exchange Out of a DST?

By Dwight Kay, CEO and Founder of Kay Properties and Investments, LLC If you’re looking for a clear and concise answer to this question, here it is: Yes, you can 1031exchange out of a DST. If you’re the type who wants to know a little more about the hows and whys of 1031 exchanges and DST, we at Kay Properties are happy to elaborate. First things first, a DST is a Delaware Statutory Trust. DSTs … Read More

Investing in Single Family Homes and Your 1031 Exchange

A single family home that investors have invested in

For the last sixty years, investment in real estate to the average investor meant scraping together capital over a long-term mortgage to invest in residential properties. The primary source of wealth creation in the United States has been investing in your primary residence, with ownership remaining over 60% since 1960 according to the US Census Bureau. However, with a growth in population and prices, it is increasingly difficult for the average family to purchase a … Read More

How Kay Properties and Investments Works With Real Estate Brokers

Securing Listing Agreements: Many brokers have expressed that their investors want to do a 1031 exchange but are afraid of not being able to locate and close on their replacement property within the 1031 exchange timeframe. The Delaware statutory trusts have been secured and pre-packaged prior to being available to investors, and therefore potentially reduce closing risk. Delaware statutory trusts can typically be identified and closed on within 24-72 hours. This helps with the sale … Read More